Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge-Hicks

As per the latest news reports, Aaron Judge proposed a strategic idea to skipper Aaron Boone, which could lead to Aaron Hicks’ ouster.

Aaron Judge will handle leadership duties this season after being appointed as the captain of the franchise earlier in the off-season. Judge, who is coming off an incredible season with the bat, will feel added responsibility this year. However, the big guy is unfazed by the new role and, in fact, is taking it up his sleeves very sportingly. Judge has lived in Tampa for the past month to access the conditions and get along with the young prospects.


Meanwhile, on the field, Aaron Judge has already started making strategic plans for the upcoming MLB season. Apparently, the slugger had chalked up a plan to end the New York Yankees’ left-field woes. However, the plan could lead to the team’s experienced outfielder, Aaron Hicks, ouster from the current starting roster. Hicks, who is the front-runner for the left field role, might have to step down if Judge’s new plan is set in motion.

Aaron Judge Ready To Play Left Field, Hicks Not A Part Of The Proposed Plan

Aaron Judge-Aaron Boone
Aaron Judge-Aaron Boone

New York Yankees’ newly appointed captain, Aaron Judge, has a proposal for Aaron Boone to end the team’s left-field problems. As per Randy Miller of NJ Media, Judge wants to overhaul the outfield structure of the team for the Yankees’ home stadium in the Bronx. The slugger apparently told Boone to move him to the center field, Giancarlo Stanton on the right and Harrison Bader on the left. However, the plan did not sound appropriate to the skipper, who immediately turned it down.

Furthermore, Aaron Judge came up with an altered plan. According to his new structure, Judge said he is ready to relinquish his position and move left field. That way, they can position Harrison Bader in his designated spot, and Giancarlo Stanton could also fit in. Hence, it’s a win-win situation for everybody. Now, this strategy is something that intrigued Boone, who is likely to give it a go-ahead. If Judge’s new plan receives a green flag, Aaron Hicks will end up on the bench. Hicks, who is currently fighting for his spot in the spring training, can lose his place due to Aaron Judge’s new plan of action.

Is Placing Judge At Left Field A Sensible Option For The Yankees?

Aaron Judge

While Aaron Judge is open to the idea of playing left field, the move might not prove sensible in the long run. For the record, Judge had not played left field since 2016, when he was in college. The slugger is yet to field at left in the major league. Hence, the man has absolutely no experience in the left in MLB. Under these circumstances, Judge would be unable to do any good for the team in the long run.

Obviously, there is no denying the fact that the Yankees are desperate at left field. They have no strong candidate for the role. Aaron Hicks and Oswaldo Cabrera are fighting it out in spring training. Hence, the front office needs to wait until spring training to come up with a decision.