Oswald Peraza

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Manager Aaron Boone Envisions Oswald Peraza As The Future Frontline Shortstop For New York Yankees

New York Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, ranks Oswald Peraza highly while speaking of his future with the organization.

The spring training for the 2023 MLB season is currently underway, and the New York Yankees roster invitees have assembled at the club’s base in Florida. Moreover, the Yanks will begin their training campaign against the Phillies in Florida itself. The spring session holds utmost importance to the Yankees as they must figure out a starting roster lineup before the opening day.


One of the Yankees’ many headaches this season is finding an aggressive starting shortstop. Last season’ starter Isiah Kiner-Falefa and Bombers’ top prospects, Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza will audition for the role in spring training. However, Yanks manager Aaron Boone’s latest comments suggest that the front office has already made up their minds and has a favorite candidate in place.

Aaron Boone Calls Oswald Peraza “The Frontline Shortstop” For The Future

Oswald Peraza
Oswald Peraza

Oswald Peraza, a 22-year-old infielder from Venezuela, signed with the Bombers as an international free agent in 2016. Since then, he has been steadily progressing through the minor leagues, showing off his skills as both a hitter and a fielder. He received recognition as one of the top prospects in the Yankees’ farm system, and Boone’s comments suggest that the team sees him as a crucial part of their future plans.

While describing Oswald Peraza, Boone said he possesses natural shortstop actions. Moreover, the skipper lauded Peraza’s athleticism as being a tall big guy. He also loved the shortstop’s throwing arm and said his speed is something to look forward to. Lastly, Boone concluded with a bold statement. He said Oswald Peraza has the potential to become a front-line shortstop for the Yankees in the long run, and he is here to stay for a long time. While Boone’s comments are certainly encouraging, it is essential to note that Peraza is still a young player with much to prove.

“I think he’s (Oswald Peraza) got a chance to have a long career,” said Aaron Boone.

Anthony Volpe To Get Sidelined Again This Year?

Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe

While Aaron Boone celebrates Oswald Peraza, one must not forget another fiery shortstop of the Yankees farm, Anthony Volpe. He ranked first in the list of top 10 shortstop prospects this season. Moreover, his minor league numbers speak a lot of volumes. Owing to Volpe’s recent numbers, the shortstop has been ranked so highly since the past season. Hence, fans hoped to see him on the starting roster this season.

However, that does not look to be the case. As per rumors, the starting shortstop position will go to one between Oswald Peraza and Isiah Kiner-Falefa as they are the management’s most sort picks. Hence, Volpe will have to wait for his major league debut this year as well. For now, he will start his season in the minor league. However, Volpe could receive a call-up mid-season when the New York Yankees change the roster to manage the workload of the regular players.