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As per MLB analysts, the New York Yankees are deliberately planning to put Giancarlo Stanton in the outfield for this one reason.

Speculations surrounding New York Yankees’ roster combination this year were already rife as soon as the spring training went underway. After the first official day of spring training, Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, addressed the media and answered many roster related questions. The skipper barred it all out and was pretty straightforward with his plan of action.


Meanwhile, after Boone’s press conference, rumors started circulating that the skipper was planning to experiment in the left field. And to everyone’s surprise, the potential candidate for the left field that Boone is considering is none other than Aaron Judge, a natural right fielder. The rumors have created a stir on social media. Moreover, the fans are puzzled as to what prompted the front office to think of such a desperate move.

Giancarlo Stanton To Move Outfield, Aaron Judge Likely At Left Field

Giancarlo Stanton
Giancarlo Stanton-Yankees

As reported yesterday, Joel Sherman of the New York Post claimed that Aaron Boone is considering moving Aaron Judge to left field to make space for Giancarlo Stanton in the outfield. Stanton, a designated hitter, suffered from multiple injuries last year, which hampered his overall performance. And the Yanks’ front office believes it’s because of his position in the infield, which makes him more prone to injuries compared to any other position in the outfield.

Hence, the Yankees are deliberately trying to minimize his risk of getting hurt by limiting his time as a designated hitter and moving him to the outfield. By putting him in the outfield, the Yankees can give him a break from the physical toll of being a DH and reduce his risk of suffering an injury. Even Stanton himself admitted that he is more likely to stay healthy by being in the outfield than as a DH. However, stationing Stanton into the outfield will bring its own challenges. Hence, the DH cannot get too comfortable at the moment.

Giancarlo Explains The Urgency To Win The World Series Title

Giancarlo Stanton
Giancarlo Stanton-Yankees

New York Yankees DH, Giancarlo Stanton, addressed the media after his first day of spring training. Stanton addressed the championship title woes and said that this year, they need to achieve that dream by any means. The DH further elaborated, saying winning a championship title for the Yankees is the goal of everybody present in the bullpen. Additionally, Stanton assured that he is here this year to win the title and will do everything in his power to achieve that dream.

The Bronx Bombers are yet to taste a championship victory since 2009. Despite making it to the postseason every year, the Yankees fall apart in the ALCS or ALDS due to injury concerns. Hence, this year, the goal would be to retain the health of the key roster and make them play as many games as possible. The 2023 MLB season opening day is just weeks away. Further, the team is grinding hard in spring training for the moment.