Harrison Bader
Harrison Bader-Yankees

In a new video from New York Yankees spring training camp, center fielder Harrison Bader nearly got hit by a pitch from Tommy Kahnle.

The New York Yankees’ first match is scheduled to take place on February 25 against the Phillies. As a result, the bullpen reported for spring training last week in Florida. Their pitchers and the catchers were the first to report, whereas the hitters and position players arrived a few days later. Moreover, the workout and practice sessions are underway, and the Yankees are doing a full squad workout.


The Bronx Bombers this season will try to break the 13-year-long championship title jinx. Every season they come incredibly close, and the title gets snatched away from their fingertips in the ALCS. However, this season with a new captain and a new hope, the fans are excited to finally see their home team lift the trophy and bring it back home. However, in order to achieve that dream, the Yanks’ roster must keep their health and fitness in check and avoid injuries at all costs.

Harrison Bader Survives A Major Injury Scare At Spring Training

Harrison Bader
Harrison Bader

The one prominent thing that hampered the New York Yankees championship-winning title chances every year was injury. After dominating the entire season, most of the Yanks’ bullpen ends up on the injury list just before the postseason. To further scratch the wound, the Bombers are dealing with injury concerns again this year, even before the season’s commencement. Multiple players are in doubt about opening day participation due to injury concerns.

Meanwhile, another key player on the Yanks roster survives an injury scare during spring training. Yankees center fielder Harrison Bader took the plate for some hitting practice against Yanks relief pitcher Tommy Kahnle. However, an inside pitch from Tommy went straight at Bader’s face, and the latter dodged it at the last second to avoid getting hit. After Bader missed the pitch, he immediately fell to the ground. However, the ball made no contact with Harrison, and he survived the dangerous scare. Undoubtedly, the Bombers can not afford to lose a player like Harrison Bader at this stage.

Aaron Boone Calls Bader An “Elite Player”

New York Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, spoke highly of center fielder Harrison Bader at a press conference. Boone referred to Bader as a premium athlete who changes the team’s dynamics in the center field. The skipper feels a guy like Harrison can be the difference between a win and a loss for the team due to his excellent patrolling skills in the center. Further, Boone showed a lot of faith in Bader and said he would take care of the defense this season.

Aaron Boone
Aaron Boone-Yankees

Harrison Bader is in the last year of his contract with the Yankees. He could enter free agency next season. Hence, the center fielder needs to have a good season to increase his stakes in the free-agent market next year. This year, his payroll is around $4.7 million. FYI, Bader has never entered free agency in his entire MLB career. However, there is room for an extension deal with the Yankees considering this season’s performance.