Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge, New York Yankees’ newest captain, expressed another example of his loyalty towards New York.

New York is Aaron Judge’s home now, as he signed a massive nine-year contract worth $360 million this off-season. Furthermore, the front office added extra responsibility to his shoulders by handing him a captaincy badge. Hence, this season, Judge’s entire focus will be devoted to winning a championship title for the New York Yankees.


But to achieve the ultimate dream, Aaron Judge apparently sacrificed a spot on the Team USA roster for World Baseball Classic 2023. The WBC is an international baseball tournament that takes place every four years, featuring teams from around the world competing for the title of world champion. The tournament was first held in 2006 and has since become a major event in the baseball calendar. Meanwhile, the slugger reveals the reason behind his snub. Keep reading to find out.

Aaron Judge Skips WBC 2023 To Focus On Upcoming MLB Season

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New York Yankees star Aaron Judge announced he would not participate in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC). While speaking to Fox Sports, the slugger opened up and cited his commitment to the Yankees as the reason for his decision. Aaron said it’s an honor for him to be given a chance to represent his home country on a world stage. But now that he has signed a nine-year contract, his priority remains the New York Yankees.

Aaron Judge further elaborated, saying he wants to devote his entire focus to making the Yankees win the championship this year. Hence, he chose to top out of the world league. However, the slugger did not rule out future participation. Aaron said four years down the line, if he gets an opportunity to represent his nation, he surely will grab it with both hands. But as of now, he wants to stay in New York. Judge’s decision to prioritize the Yankees over the WBC is a reflection of his commitment to his team and his desire to win a championship.

 “I think, especially after signing a nine-year contract, for me, priorities are New York,” said Aaron Judge.

Yankees Captain Takes Over Leadership Duties As The Team Begins Spring Training

Aaron Judge

New York Yankees’ newest captain, Aaron Judge, has already taken up leadership duties. He was the first one of the main roster to arrive at the Yanks base camp in Tampa. Further, the slugger did a minor workout and met with young prospects to encourage them for the future. Later, Aaron took over spring training by arriving early and helping the pitchers with their throws. Finally, the slugger did some hitting practice and looked in good shape.

After the training session, Aaron Judge obliged the media with a one-on-one session. Speaking on his personal milestones, the slugger said he could hit 62 homers this season as well, contrary to the FanGraphs projections. However, the captain affirmed his main focus would be to stay healthy and be there for the team. The rest personal milestones from the bat will follow his lead automatically.