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Twitteratis Rage Over Yankees Manager Aaron Boone’s Bold Statement On Josh Donaldson! CHECK OUT

New York Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, backed the team’s veteran baseman, Josh Donaldson, for a bounce back this season.

Josh Donaldson landed in New York last season in a trade package from Minnesota Twins. However, the strong offense, which earned him a big name in the majors, did not transition well in New York. Josh registered his worst career figures in the 2022 MLB season offensively as he batted .222/.308/.374 with 15 homers and 62 RBIs.


As a result, fans expected the Yankees front office to get rid of the baseman during this off-season. However, due to the veteran’s age and massive payroll of $27 million, he did not receive an offer. Hence, the Yankees are forced to play him in the starting roster to do justice to the money rollover. But, Yanks’ skipper Aaron Boone’s latest comment on Josh Donaldson’s future has irked the fans further.

Aaron Boone Backs Josh Donaldson To Have A Bounce Back This Year

Josh Donaldson
Josh Donaldson

New York Yankees skipper, Aaron Boone, addressed a press meeting shortly after the conclusion of the first day of spring training. While discussing the roster-related queries, Boone faced a question about Josh Donaldson. The baseman is facing immense scrutiny due to his poor run in 2022. However, Boone is backing Josh to make a bounce back this season. As per the skipper, Donaldson is looking in good shape physically compared to last year. Moreover, the baseman’s bat speed has impressed Boone, and he is confident that Josh will come back stronger than ever this season.

However, the fans are furious over Boone’s latest comments. They took to Twitter to express their strong opinion. A fan claimed the Yankees front office are showing fake confidence in the media, and in reality, even they are unsure of Josh Donaldson this year. Further, a fan wants Josh to announce his retirement and end this misery. A user also claimed that it’s not about one season alone. Josh hasn’t had a good run since 2017. Hence, expecting a comeback will be too much of an ask from the baseman.

Aaron Judge At Left Field? Aaron Boone’s Wild Theories To Be Put To Test

As per the latest speculations, the Yankees manager wants to move Aaron Judge to the left field in order to accommodate Giancarlo Stanton in the outfield. However, this move is interesting and a gamble simultaneously, as Judge has never played left field in his entire MLB career. On top of that, the slugger is a natural right fielder. Hence, moving him to the left would be too big of a risk for the Yankees to take up at this early stage.

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

The Yankees are undoubtedly desperate to end their left-field woes. After showing a lot of faith in Aaron Hicks intially, the confidence has stumbled as the spring training continues. Hence, the front office is looking for substantial alternatives. Still, Aaron Judge at left field does not make a lot of sense for the Bombers at the moment. We need to see how the slugger adapts and if he is even open to the idea in the first place.