A certain New York Yankees players need to step up this season in order to retain their spots on the team.

The New York Yankees will have just one goal in mind this season: to win the World Series title.

New York Yankees suffered heartbreak in 2022 after losing the championship to Houston Astros in ALCS. Despite 99 wins, a division title, and a record-breaking feat from Aaron Judge, the Yankees ended up on the other side. Hence, this season, the Bombers will strive hard to end 13 years of waiting. However, the road to glory is not always easy.


Massive challenges await the Bronx Bombers as the opening day approaches six weeks from now. The roster is in shambles, with multiple holes in all parts of the field. Meanwhile, amidst the chaos, a few predictions will favor the Yankees’ way and will be a major confidence booster for the front office and the fans. Let’s look at the projections that are most likely to turn into reality for Yanks in 2023 MLB season.

1. Aaron Judge Could Replicate Last Season, Hit 70 Homers

Aaron Judge

When Aaron Judge rejected a log term contract last season, fans and critics deemed it a mistake. However, the big guy kept faith and turned around his career with a remarkable season. Judge hit 62 homers to become the player with the most homers in a single MLB season. Furthermore, the slugger earned his reward in a nine-year extension contract worth $360 million, with added captaincy badge in the kit. As for this year, Aaron Judge is expected to recreate the magic and hit as many as 70 home runs, according to Brendan Kuty. If this prediction holds, no power in the world could stop the slugger from lifting that championship ring.

2. Bryan Reynolds In Left-Field For The Yankees

Bryan Reynolds Yankees

The New York Yankees have a gigantic hole in the left field. The front office could not find a replacement for Andrew Benintendi in the free agent market due to some cash crunch. Apparently, the Yanks are under scrutiny for luxury tax regulations. Hence, free agency is off the grid. The only option is Bryan Reynolds. Bryan opted out of the Pirates contract and asked for a trade. However, when the Yankees approached, the Pirates put them off with ridiculous demands. Still, the Bombers have time to renegotiate with the Pirates and somehow land Bryan in the left field as he is the only potential strong candidate currently available.

3. Anthony Volpe In The Race For Rookie Of The Year

Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe

This year, Anthony Volpe is the most hyped-up prospect in the New York Yankees bullpen. The minor league hero is all set to step foot into the majors. Moreover, according to an analyst, if Volpe could get a game time of at least 53 games, he could hit as many as 15 home runs and 20 stolen bases. These figures are enough to put the shortstop prospect on the top of the Rookie of the year, award contenders.

4. New York Yankees: The World Series Champions


After all the chaos, the end goal remains the championship title. The New York Yankees have failed to hold the podium since 2009. Despite making it into the postseason every single year, the Yanks have been unable to cross the finish line. The Bombers have a real shot this season with a much stronger bullpen. However, the front office will have to ensure the fitness of the roster stays on the positive side.