Andrew Benintendi
Andrew Benintendi-Yankees

Former Yankees outfielder, Andrew Benintendi, left the bombers and signed a five-year contract with Chicago White Fox for the 2023 season.

New York Yankees front office has stayed very much active this off-season. However, despite bringing on good talents in the roaster, the team lacks a designated left-field option. Moreover, the head of the Yankee think tank, Brain Cashman, is banking on DJ LeMahieu and Aaron Hicks to fill up the role. But DJ’s fitness is an issue, and Hicks is not a regular left-field player.


Meanwhile, the Yankees lost outfielder Andrew Benintendi to Chicago White Fox as the latter signed him for a five-year deal. Andrew was a potential left-field option for the bombers. But surprisingly, the Bronx failed to keep him under their fold. On top of that, the fans were unhappy and stated that the Yankees should not have let Andrew go. Moreover, this move might prove as one of the biggest mistakes committed by the bombers in the off-season.

Did Yankees Miss The Trick By Letting Andrew Benintendi Walk Away?

Andrew Benintendi

Andrew Benintendi

The New York Yankees are striving hard this season to reclaim the championship title. However, a few missing links in the roaster might prove costly for the bombers. For instance, the team lacks a proper left-field option for the 2023 season. They signed Andrew Benintendi in 2022 to fill up that slot, and Andrew essayed the role perfectly before getting his wrist injured. However, the Yankees have failed to retain the outfielder for the 2023 season.

It is learned that the Yankees were keen on re-signing Andrew Benintendi, but they fell short of funds after signing Carlos Rodon. In the meantime, White Fox came up with a lucrative deal of a $75 million five-year contract. Eventually, time ran out for the Yankees, and they let Andrew Benintendi walk away. The 28-year-old signed with the Chicago White Fox for the upcoming season. Now, the bombers are hanging by a thread as the absence of Andrew is going to hurt them big time. Moreover, if the left-field situation goes unresolved before the trade season ends, the bombers are in big trouble next season.

Benintendi Targets Yankees For Not Showing Enough Interest In Retaining Him

Andrew Benintendi
Andrew Benintendi

After signing a rewarding deal with Chicago White Fox, Andrew Benintendi is a happy man. However, the outfielder did not hesitate to dig at his former club. In his induction press conference with the White Fox, Andrew took a sarcastic dig at the Yankees. Benintendi revealed that it feels good to associate with an organization where you are made to feel wanted and needed.

“It’s fun to be a part of something where you’re wanted, where you’re really wanted,” said Andrew Benintendi.

This statement comes after Yankee’s Brian Cashman told the media that the bombers intended to keep Benintendi in the roaster for 2023. However, the Yankees decided to go ahead with Carlos Rodon and let Benintendi walk away with White Fox. Furthermore, Andrew looked visibly hurt by his former club.

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