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In a major confidence booster for the New York Yankees, DJ LeMahieu is fit and will likely take part in the spring training ahead of the 2023 season.

The New York Yankees once again missed out on the World Series title after losing to Houston Astros in ALCS. Despite starting the season on a positive note, the club failed to capitalize and fell apart. Moreover, the front office blamed the injury concerns of the senior players for the Yankee’s poor performance in the playoffs.


One such senior player was the infielder DJ LeMahieu. DJ provided the perfect start to the Yankees with an electric performance. He had a batting average of around .261 during the regular season. However, things went haywire for the Yankees after DJ LeMahieu suffered a toe injury that ruled him out of the playoffs. Furthermore, rumors surfaced that DJ is likely to go under surgery and might miss the upcoming season. However, the latest update is going to bring smiles to the Yankees fanbase.

DJ LeMahieu Likely To Join The Yankees From The Start Of The 2023 Season

DJ LeMahieu

DJ LeMahieu sustained a toe injury at the end of the regular season. On top of that, the injury worsened and ruled DJ out of the playoff race. His absence clearly hurt the Yankees, who performed poorly in the playoff stage and fell short of the championship. Meanwhile, in another bad news, it was reported that DJ’s toe would need surgery. And if at all he goes under the knife, the infielder will miss that first half of the 2023 season, which would have proved to be devastating for the Yankees.

However, according to the latest developments, DJ LeMahieu seems to have fully healed. Moreover, his toe did not require surgery. It’s reported that DJ has been fully hit and has also resumed his pre-season practice activities. Without a doubt, this is a massive booster for the New York Yankees. DJ’s inclusion from the start of the season will elevate the club’s odds for the much-awaited championship title. However, along with a start, the 2022 golden glove winner will also have to finish well for the Yankees, unlike the previous season.

With DJ’s Return, Will Gleyber Torres Finally Get A Traded Off?

gleyber torres yankees

Gleyber Torres heated up the trade market in the ongoing off-season. He reportedly held various negotiations with multiple clubs. However, after DJ’s injury, the Yankees wanted to keep Torres in the roaster as a potential replacement for the infielder. But now that DJ LeMahieu is fully fit and fine to participate in the 2023 season, uncertainty looms over Torres’s future.

Looks like general manager Brian Cashman wants to keep Torres within the fold as a backup replacement in case DJ could not feature in the second half of the 2023 season. However, many clubs would like to have the 26-year-old on their roasters. Overall, the Yankees need to handle the whole Torres situation very carefully.

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