“I Was Not Even Close To It” Yankees’ Aaron Hicks Not Happy With His Performance In The Last Season!

Aaron Judge- Aaron Hicks

The 2022 MLB season went the best for Aaron Judge. But it was not the best for all the Aarons existing in the team. There was Aaron Hicks too, who probably had the worst season last year, scoring eight home runs with just .216/.330/.313 in the 130 games held; he remained disappointed. On one side, where Judge was getting praisings from fans for his record-breaking performance. Aaron Hicks, on the other hand, was getting booed for his way below-mediocre performance.

His weakest performance made the Yankees fans believe that Hicks is no anymore worth a Yankee. The team went in the hunt for a replacement and finally found Andrew Benintendi from the Royals to trade exchange just ahead of the trade deadline. We all have got the point to boo Aaron Hicks for his forgettable 2022 season. But it is interesting to see what points Hicks himself counts as bad about the last season. He somehow knows that whatever made him a demanding star in 2018 is not repeating again. And this made his claim that “Baseball was not fun.”

Aaron Hicks

According to The Athletic, Aaron Hicks reflected on his views on baseball, the game that made him a rising to dying star. Hicks believes that the ultimate goal in the sport is winning. And it is one of those things where the team he belongs to is winning. What is fun about the game is that you win all the time.

Aaron Hicks Tried Very Hard To Bring His Skills Back But Failed!

However, when you do not contribute to the team’s win, it makes you depressed. You keep on thinking about what you should be doing as your duty in the team. The very best thing that Aaron Hicks said that can make everyone agree with him is, “I know the player I am capable of being, and I was not even close to it.” And this is how the 2022 season went, said Aaron Hicks.

Looking at other teammates who made the Yankees own the best record in MLB by four games with a 64-29; Hicks was disappointed in himself. Like everyone else, he tried becoming a hero whenever he went into the field but failed. Just once in the entire season in June, when the Yankees had a match with the Astors, Hicks succeeded in throwing three home runs. Even this tied him in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Speaking more about the 2022 season that made fans criticize him, Aaron Hicks explained, “I always felt like I was trying to force things that I normally would not. I was forced to get big hits, to swing out of the zone, and to help my team win. But eventually, I had to stop my approach.”