Red-Bull Mclaren

When Red Bull was stuck under the cost cap breach scandal last year, the one team that showed up the most protesting against them was McLaren. Mercedes and Ferrari were definitely alleged on Red Bull for being irresponsible. Toto Wolff and Mattia Binotto together criticized Red Bull for the illegal act of breaching the FIA set budget in 2022. But what the McLaren boss, Zak Brown, did was way more rivalry. He just sent a letter to FIA asking for strict sanctions for Red Bull, claiming Christian Horner’s team to be a “cheater.” However, this is not shocking in Formula One. What is actually shocking is the same rivals become partners for a cause.

In order to seek hope for the championship win, any Formula One team becomes ready to forget about their rivalry. Recently, Mclaren set the best example on that note. According to some of the reports, McLaren is considering entering into an engine partnership with Red Bull.

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At present, the British motor racing team receives engines from the German manufacturer Mercedes AMG. But, just as the 2026 engine regulation is bringing new entries in the market, which also includes Red Bull bringing their own PowerTrains, Mclaren is seeking to consider some of the options. The best option for them would be none but, of course, Red Bull. So keeping aside the rivalry, Zak Brown wants to throw a hand for a shake with Horner as the engine partner.

McLaren Boss Zak Brown Entering Red Bull’s Engine Division In Milton Keynes

In the reports of the Press Association, McLaren and Red Bull’s rivalry is scheduled to take a positive turn. Earlier this month, McLaren’s boss entered Red Bull’s engine division to check for the options. So far, the new engine rules are not out completely. But by this year, FIA will introduce them. And then Red Bull will finally announce their master project working with Ford.

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On the other hand, there is little competition in the market for Red Bull even before it gets launched. McLaren becoming the first customer of Red Bull, has got a problem with Honda. Perhaps the Japanese motor brand, too, is signing individually in the 2026 engine development regulation of Formula One. And rather than shaking hands with the rivals, Zak Brown may consider hugging Red Bull’s old partner Honda.

Meanwhile, nothing has been confirmed so far. There is plenty of time to think before making a mistake for McLaren, so the team has not confirmed anything yet. And the fact that Mercedes has been a loyal engine provider to McLaren for years may prevent Brown from going to the on-track enemy eventually. But the most important news for fans is that Zak Brown has been found visiting Red Bull in Milton Keynes. So yes, it could be about their engine deal.