Oswaldo Cabrera Set To Play Left Field This MLB Season For New York Yankees?

Oswaldo Cabrera Yankees

New York Yankees utility player Oswaldo Cabrera answers a question about his field placement this season.

The Yankees are clearly struggling to find a suitable outfielder for left field. The front office failed to acquire a fresh face in the free agency due to cash issues. Further, the trade deals ended in stalemate due to indifferences. Hence, the Yanks are left with a giant hole in the left field without a strong candidate for the job.

Recently, the Yankees manager confirmed that the front office would launch a hunt for a left fielder in the existing bullpen. Many names emerged as potential candidates. But none of them provides reliability for the whole season. Meanwhile, a left-field candidate, Oswaldo Cabrera, talked to the press and answered the rumors of him playing left field this year.

Oswaldo Cabrera Addresses Left Field Rumors

Oswaldo Cabrera
Oswaldo Cabrera-Yankees

New York Yankees are looking at multiple candidates to fill in the left field spot this year. Further, Aaron Hicks emerged as the front-runner after Aaron Boone indirectly confirmed his spot. However, the fans are unhappy with the decision as Hicks is an underperformer. Meanwhile, another left-field candidate popped up during spring training.

While addressing the media, Oswaldo Cabrera asked if he would play left field for the Yankees this season. Cabrera responded, saying he has no preferred position in mind as of now. He will go in according to the manager’s plan and field at whatever’s required and asked by the front office management. Oswaldo further added his end goal is to make sure the team wins at the end of the day and will do whatever is in his power to uplift the cause. While the 23-year-old might have dogged the burning question, he sure is in the mix of left-field candidates who are auditioning for the role in spring training.

“The position I prefer to play is the position that the manager wants me,” said Oswaldo Cabrera.

Cabrera Lauds Aaron Judge, Calls Him A Terrific Person Off-Field

Oswaldo Cabrera was asked to elaborate on his feelings while playing alongside the Yankees’ newly appointed captain Aaron Judge. The 23-year-old’s eyes lit up as he heaped praises on Judge. Cabrera said he loves Judge because of his personality outside the baseball field. He elaborated, saying people love Aaron Judge more for his soft side off the field. Further, Oswaldo lauded Judge’s leadership skills and referred to him as his mentor.

Oswald Cabrera-Aaron Judge
Oswaldo Cabrera-Aaron Judge

For Oswaldo Cabrera, not having a specific position preference could be a sign that he has been working hard to develop his skills and become a more versatile player. It could also indicate that he is focused on helping the team in whatever way he can rather than being overly concerned with his personal goals or preferences. In any case, if Oswaldo is able to demonstrate his versatility and flexibility on the field, he could be a valuable asset to his team this season.