Why Red Bull Brought The Best Front Wings, Safe From Being Copied? RB19 Fastest Car On 2023 F1 Grid

Red Bull Max Verstappen

Red Bull became the first major team to unveil their 2023 F1 season car. On February 3, RB19 was launched with an evolution and a set of changes as compared to last year’s car. The first drive of the new car in Silverstone was blurred in all the cameras that recorded it. Perhaps because the car had the best form of front wings, Red Bull did not want anyone to copy it. Now that the Bahrain Pre-season test is over, one can easily find out that Red Bull once again is going to dominate the season.

In almost all the sessions, Red Bull remained the fastest car to cover all the laps. Mercedes, on the contrary, faced balance and hydraulic issues. As suggested by Formu1a.uno, the main reason why RB19 is so special is because of its unique front wing design. This has caused less cragginess in the car. The front wings of the Milton-Keynes-based team are really working out efficiently.

The best part about having such a wing is that no other team can copy it. Even if Maclaren tried to bring a similar design, they failed to bring the same outcome. Replicating the front Wings of Red Bull RB19 is very difficult, which has been developed under the brilliant mind of Adrian Newey, so definitely no other team can think of doing the same thing.

red bull

Max Verstappen remained the fastest driver to cover the laps with that special front wing in the car. Just in one of the sessions, the Chinese Alfa Romeo driver Zhou Ganyu took the position and finished 0.040s ahead of Max Verstappen’s benchmark.

Ferrari Being On Top After Red Bull! Mercedes Still Struggling

Meanwhile, a clear vision of what is going to happen this upcoming season is coming ahead of us. Along with Red Bull, the team that is coming as the strongest is not Mercedes but Ferrari. Not the same as in 2022, but Mercedes is still struggling with their car. During the first day, the W14 performed well. But on the second day, the car went out of balance, as complained by Hamilton. In the evening, George Russell caused Red Flags as the W14 faced hydraulic issues. Toto Wolff’s confidence has gone down. He fears saying anything optimistic. He believes that “The train with Red Bull has left the station.” But Mercedes is still trying to catch the pace.

Speaking of Ferrari, we all know that the SF-23 is worth winning the 2023 F1 world title. The Scuderia team has the best drivers, no doubt; Carlos Sainz managed to finish the laps just behind Max Verstappen on the second day. And today, when Charles Leclerc

took the new Scuderia car on tracks, he remained on top. Now Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull, all the teams, are undergoing several changes after the test with the data collected. So only on the weekend will we see who utilized it the best.