Sanskar Tiwari

Mercedes W15

Mercedes Unveils W15’s Shift in Cockpit Dynamics

Get ready for a thrilling ride, F1 fans! Mercedes has unveiled its latest masterpiece, the W15, and it’s set to shake up the racing world. Imagine a cockpit positioned 10cm further back than before—that’s the bold move Mercedes has made. But why? Well, it’s all about making the car faster and more agile. Plus, there’s ...

Arnab Bose

Blake Snell

Will Astros Shock The Yankees Nation By Landing Blake Snell?

The New York Yankees have been looking for a starting pitcher since the offseason started last year. At first, they were the hot favorites to land Yoshinobu Yamamoto, the Japanese sensation. They offered the multiple-time Sawamura winner a pretty good deal of ten years worth $300 million. However, the biggest international free agent coming to ...