Lewis Hamilton-George Russell

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, the current Mercedes drivers, are loved by all. Hamilton has been in Mercedes since 2013, while Russell joined the team last year during the toughest time for the Silver Arrows, and following his duty, he saved Mercedes from losing its dignity. The ex-Williams driver helped Mercedes rank three in the constructor’s standings with his solitary win in the Brazilian Grand Prix. Passing the deadliest season together has developed mutual respect, understanding, and love between the two drivers.

Hamilton is 38 and the seven-time world champion, while Russell is just 25 and a newcomer; both have different standards and ways of approaching others, specifically his teammates. But so far, no disputes between George and Lewis have been recorded. Probably there is something different this time that has developed a good bond between Russell and Hamilton, but what is this? Why is the seven-time world champion failed to manage good bonds with his former mates? George Russell explains the reasons.

Nico Hamilton

We have heard the rivalry stories of the Formula One driver. We have seen Hamilton battling with Alonso Fernando being teammates in MacLaren in 2008. And how can we forget about Nico Rosberg during his tenure at Mercedes between 2013 to 2016? Other than the rivals, Hamilton always ends up fighting with his own teammate. Nico Rosberg was not an enemy from the start; he and Hamilton were good friends in the beginning but, unfortunately, ended up being enemies.

George Russell Vs. Lewis Hamilton Is Different From Hamilton Vs. Nico Rosberg

The kind of battle Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg shared prevailed way beyond the tracks. In the other post-race events also, they never hugged each other. Now that Russell already beat Hamilton in 2022, he has done the very thing that made Rosberg a rival for the seven-time world champion. So the question is, will George Russell, too, end up being enemies?

Lewis Hamilton-George Russell
Lewis Hamilton-George Russell

No! So far, looking at the statements of George Russell, it can be predicted that their bond would remain stronger. Unlike Rosberg, Russell will stay friends with Hamilton in Mercedes. This is not an individual reach anymore; Mercedes is working as a team now. And George believes that they are moving “forward together.” Speaking of Hamilton’s history with the past drivers, Russell explained that earlier, “there were battles for supremacy.” Probably this is the reason why Lewis had trouble with some of his past teammates.

This is not the time for another breakdown in Mercedes. Russell believes that if a dispute occurs between him and Hamilton, “it will only hurt Mercedes.” In an interview with auto Motor and Sport, the 25-Year-old Briton finally revealed what he felt after beating Hamilton in Sao Paulo last year. He admitted that it was nothing he defeated Hamilton; it was more like he won his first race there. Degrading the seven-time world champion has been the intention.