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Red Bull has been the most successful F1 team since 2005, thanks to Adrian Newey. He is the genius behind the latest cars of the Austrian outfit. The RB19 car of 2023 broke several records in the F1 Motorsport. Since the cost cap era started in 2022, the Milton Keynes outfit has become the supreme power in the sport. There has been no other team that managed to win a title in the last two years besides Christian Horner’s team. Clearly, the most dominant team in F1 right now is Red Bull. A lot of credit should go to Max Verstappen who is really a brilliant driver. 

Moreover, when Newey and Verstappen met at the Milton Keynes outfit, it was like the perfect team-up of geniuses. Adrian Newey designed the RB18, RB19 as well as RB20 cars that Max Verstappen has been driving magnificently well. As a result, these geniuses helped Red Bull win 42 races since 2022. Moreover, Honda deserves equal credit as the engine partners. Clearly, things could not have been more perfect for the Austrian team that resulted in their domination. But lately, a rumor started to float around that Adrian Newey expressed his desire to leave Red Bull. 


Why Adrian Newey Wants To Leave Red Bull?

Red Bull Adrian Newey Max Verstappen Christian Horner
Red Bull Adrian Newey Max Verstappen Christian Horner Source: Sustain Health Magazine

Previously, the genius car designer of Christian Horner’s team mentioned that he wanted a peaceful environment. Only then can he keep working at the Austrian outfit. But from the very beginning of the 2024 season, things seemed to fall apart for the Milton Keynes outfit internally. However, the situation at the camp worsened when a female employee accused Christian Horner of “Inappropriate behavior.” Later, the parent company, Red Bull GmbH, held an internal investigation that ultimately cleared the team principal of any wrongdoing. However, there was also an anonymous email that somebody sent to every team boss, the media, and so on. 

According to sources, that email contained files of a WhatsApp conversation between the female employee and Horner. Later, Jos Verstappen went to media claiming that it is high time to replace Horner as team boss. Moreover, Max Verstappen also warned that he could leave the team if the 80-year-old advisor Helmut Marko left. Clearly, this chaotic internal power struggle is not motivating Adrian Newey to continue as their design chief. Hence, after almost twenty years with Red Bull, Newey may announce his switch to Ferrari. Albeit nothing is really confirmed yet. But the rumor of a connection between Adrian Newey and the Prancing Horse has been floating around for a while. 

If Newey Leaves, Things Could Come To An Ugly End For Horner’s Team

Christian Horner

Clearly, Christian Horner is not going anywhere. After all, the Thai shareholders of Red Bull’s parent company have been backing the British team principal. If anything changes, these shareholders might help Horner get an even higher position in the parent company. On the other hand, the Red Bull F1 team that was having a good thing going in terms of performance and dominance might just fall apart. Clearly, Helmut Marko might not like if Horner gets a higher post in Red Bull GmbH.

Perhaps he thinks he is more deserving than the current team principal. Then, Marko will leave, and as collateral damage, the Austrian outfit will have to let Max Verstappen go. After all these chaos, the mastermind behind the superior F1 cars of the Austrian outfit, Adrian Newey will look for another team. In the process, the Austrian hegemony will come to a drastic and ugly end.

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