Formula One is not only about rivals; some make friends too! There are basically three teams everyone talks about, Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari. And at present, the three drivers representing them are Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and Charles Leclerc. Mercedes and Red Bull are famous for creating fierce battles, and Red Bull and Ferrari always end up fighting. But Mercedes and Ferrari aren’t making bitter bonds these years.

The two teams, fortunately, share a lovely bond. No Formula One season has gone without Hamilton praising Charles Leclerc and Leclerc claiming Lewis as the great. Both shares mutual respect and apparently love for each other. Recently in the 2022 season, both drivers once again shared a common performance too.


Both the Mercedes and Ferrari aces had Max Verstappen as the main rival in 2022. And unfortunately, both failed to beat him. Now the new season begins, and all three title contenders are gearing down their new 2023 cars. Red Bull, Mercedes, and Ferrari have already unveiled their new cars through grand events, which gave several hot topics to discuss. During the car launching events, the attendees were all drivers.

On February 14, during Ferrari’s lunch at Maranello, Sky Sports asked Charles Leclerc to reflect thoughts on the Seven-time world champion who might become his biggest rival this season. Leclerc said, “Hamilton will never be out of the question for a championship battle.” He remained confident bout Lewis Hamilton who would win if he got the perfect car. “We must not forget what Hamilton has achieved in Formula One, and he still has it.”

Lewis Hamilton And Charles Leclerc Strikes In 2023, Fans Excited!

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Last year Max Verstappen fought very well. Let’s say it was the best way that Max Verstappen adopted last season to win his championship: dominating in every track, ultimately dominating in the driver’s standings. Just like the legends like Michael Schumacher, Max Verstappen won 15 races. But seems like these achievements of the Red Bull star are not enough for Ferrari’s ace to count him as the biggest challenge in 2023.

Instead of Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc thinks Lewis is superior and worth counting as his rival. He said, “In 2023, Lewis will be there like Red Bull. I hope it is going to be a great battle.” In conclusion, we can say that the Monegasque driver speaks well for the seven-time world champion, who once mistakenly called him an eighth-world champion.

Meanwhile, fans started reacting to these statements of Leclerc and Hamilton. Fans supported Leclerc when he counted Hamilton as challenging. One of Hamilton’s fans via Twitter said, “This is what I mean. Biggest mistake is to underestimate Lewis F*cking Hamilton.” others said 1644 strikes again. Several fans shared love for the sweet bond Hamilton and Leclerc has.