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“Red Bull Wins Or Lose, All Depends On Adrian Newey” How The Technical Chief Became The Most Influential Part?

According to the former F1 driver, Jean Alesi, the most fundamental factor responsible for a team’s win remains hidden behind the scene. We get to know that Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton won the championship, Red Bull or Mercedes. These names come into light after the wins or losses, but the one man who deserves the most credit is the engineering head who built the car in shape.

Last year, Red Bull had complete dominance after eight. The team reminded fans that Red Bull’s era is back like before 2013. The team claimed 17 Grand Prix Wins, the driver’s championship, and also the constructor’s championship. For this, it is not only Max Verstappen responsible but also the team’s technical chief, Adrian Newey, who is one of the real factors that made Red Bull win.


Alesi believes that on one side, the side that we see, there was a battle between Max Verstappen and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc on the track. But off the track, an unseen battle was going on between the technical heads of the team. As the FIA announced new regulations, it was up to Adrain Newey how he adjust to the new rules and develops the RB18. He definitely had a battle with his counterparts at Mercedes and Ferrari.

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Adrian Newey Deserves The Credit For Red Bull’s Win

Initially, in the 2022 season, Red Bull was not the kind of team that would secure 17 wins. The team faced continuous defeat from Ferrari as Charles Leclerc won three of the starting races. But then, Red Bull did something in the car; they made an improvement upgrade. Apparently, the weight of RB18 was decreased by a few kilograms in order to increase its pace. After Silverstone, Max Verstappen got the best car on the grid that did not stop reaching the first finish until the Sao Paulo Grand Prix. Who was responsible for giving Max the strongest car? Of course, Adrian Newey.

In an interview with Autosprint, Jean Alesi said claimed that team Red Bull is the absolute leader in Formula One. The team is incredibly strong in almost every field of the sport. He said, “looking things for things stand really, the real factor to consider is none other than Adrian Newey.” Ever since the new technical regulations were announced. The engineers were allowed full freedom to make a difference, and Newey just utilized it well.

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According to Alesi, the technical director of Red Bull has become the decisive factor in the overall success of the team because he has been able to improve the car during the during like no other team. Does not matter how small the changes were needed. Adrain Newey figured it out and paved Red Bull’s way to 17 outstanding Grand Prix wins.

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