Max Verstappen

The 2023 Virtual Le Mans race took place on the last day, and unfortunately, things did not go as Max Verstappen expected. For the third time, it happened that server issues plagued the VLMS. Apparently, Virtual Le Mans is a 24 hours sim race for which different teams prepare for months keeping $250,000 at stake. And the fact that all the money, preparations, and expectations get flushed in the toilet just because of the server breach is indeed responsible for developing outrage among the players.

One of the drivers who really keeps the importance in this world and in Formula One, who is enraging in Le Mans’ management, is Max Verstappen. The two-time world champ who participated in the series with team Redline is so much frustrated about the result that he advises everyone to uninstall the game. Unfortunately, the server issues from the organizer’s side took him from P1 to P17


Verstappen Was Kicked Off The Virtual LeMans Series

Max Verstappen is indeed a champion. When he comes to his own, no one in the world can stop him, and it is proved, period. Yesterday, the same happened; as expected, Max was leading everyone from the beginning. Unbeatably he was moving forward until the server got targeted by a security breach. As a result, the governing body of Le Mans had to wave red flags as the server was ruined. All the drivers who were deep into the race got a sudden disconnect due to server instability.

Max Vertsappen
Max Verstappen after being kicked off the LeMans series

Meanwhile, the Dutchman who was at P1 had to get off the game. After the server was resolved, he had to join the race by falling down to P17. Not only this but after he continued to race from the backmost position, more of the connection issues started interrupting. These issues did not stop until Max Verstappen took an exit. He was frustrated; probably, everyone would have been frustrated the same or even more. Right after he quit, Max said, “This is just incompetence.”

“Honestly, It Is A Joke,” Said Max Verstappen About The Server Issue That Occurred In LeMans

Verstappen counted on many factors that were too bad in the management. First of all, the fact that “they can’t even control their own game”. Second, “this is the third time that the same thing has happened to Max Verstappen.” And third, Verstappen, the F1 season record-breaker, the back-to-back champion, “was kicked off the game while doing the race perfectly.”

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen playing the Le Mans

About the unexpected event that made him end the game prematurely, Verstappen tends to call it a “joke”. He said, “This can’t be called an event. It is more of a clown show.” Now, one thing is very much clear, Max Verstappen will never ever like to play the game in the future. Not only that, but he also suggested that everyone must have uninstalled the game already.

Max Verstappen is already known as a very angry young man. One must have seen how he smashed things in anger with the inconveniences taking place in Formula One. But, this time, when he gets angry with the inconveniences that occurred in LeMans, everyone supports him. His enrage was fair. It is justified!

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