Kelly Piquet and Max Verstappen

At only 25, Max Verstappen has gained the status of the toughest racer to beat in the current world of racing. This Belgian-Dutch racer has clearly stated that he is here to dominate by winning back-to-back World Championship titles. But this competitive energy of the racer is not only limited to the racing tracks of the real world.

He takes the virtual world of racing very seriously as well. Along with Formula race, he has been participating, for a while, in various racing tournaments online, like the Le Mans. There is also an online sports team called Team Redline that the current F1 champion represents in the virtual world. For Team Redline, Max will compete in the Le Man’s race very soon. For that, a good stimulated racing setup is needed for these virtual races. And the Champ has got it ready in his living room. The owner of Team Redline mentioned, “he loves his sim racing setup. Nobody is allowed to go near or touch it.” 


Regarding the same, Max Verstappen told The Washington Post that he does not get much time nowadays to practice and compete in these online races. But he is very excited about the virtual Le Man’s race. He added, “just hoping to bring the trophy home.”

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen with his girlfriend

Max Verstappen Talking About Preparations For The Virtual Race

There is no one particular place to arrange their sim race setup. Someone may like the bedroom, or someone else may like the living room or office. When asked about the bedroom, Max immediately rejected that idea. He said, “No chance with the girlfriend (Kelly Piquet) around. She already puts up with my late night chats with team members.” He added, “For the sim race setup, the living room in Monaco is perfect.”

Verstappen takes strict measures during his racing days. Prohibition for everybody who wants to come within 10 meters of his simulated racing setup. He does not like interferences while trying to focus on practice. Sometimes his girlfriend’s daughter or his two cats would come and disturb his concentration. He locks the door and returns to his sim race setup. 

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Max Verstappen Sim Racing

Who Will Participate At 24 Hours Le Mans Against Verstappen?

In the upcoming Le Man’s race, the team Redline cars will have Max Verstappen in one car, along with Luke Browning, Jeffrey Rietveld, and Diogo Pinto. Meanwhile, the other vehicle will have Felix Rosenqvist and Felipe Drugovich with two more drivers.

The other prominent drivers for other teams include Bent Viscaal for Floyd Vanwall-Burst. Meanwhile, Romain Grosjean will appear for R8G Esports. On the other hand, Job Van Uitert will appear for Panis Racing and Beitske Visser for the Mahle Racing Team. 

The Qualifying round for the 24 hours of online Le Mans will take place on the evening of this Friday. Live streaming of the session will be available from the series’ YouTube channel at 6 pm UK time. The Final race will begin on the next day at 1 pm UK time. Online streaming of the race will be available on the same channel on YouTube. Mathematically the race should finish by Sunday afternoon.                     

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