According to many people, the 2022 Formula One season was not as much enjoyed as 2021. Probably because it went smoothly, there were battles indeed, but not like the one that happens between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The pair is mostly responsible for giving the most intense footage of the sport from the past few years. However, the introduction of the new rules was enough to give chills from time to time at a different level last year. Red Bull made such a strong RB18 that it remained unreachable for Mercedes, W13. Ferrari, however, did a great task initially in the season till the end as Charles Leclerc finally replaced Red Bull’s Sergio Perez from the runner-up position.

Meanwhile, for the 2023 Formula One season, several predictions have been made by the F1 pundits. A very exciting prophecy has been done, which brings Red Bull, Mercedes, and Ferrari all together in a three-way battle for the championship. A former Formula One driver Romain Grosjean thinks that next year, a strong comeback of Mercedes will step in between Red Bull and Ferrari in the title contention. Even though the Silver Arrows completely failed in the 2022 season, people tend to believe that it is not the end of their domination. In the upcoming season, Mercedes, who just secured one win last season, will win more races and will definitely be able to win the championship.

Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes-Red Bull-Ferrari Battle Awaits!

In his YouTube Channel, Romain Grosjean said, “I see Mercedes coming back into the championship fight.” However, he doesn’t consider Red Bull to get any way down. Red Bull will stay at the top despite the fact that they are available with very less Wind Tunnel due to the constructor’s championship win and the cost cap penalty. The former French F1 driver believes that the cost cap penalty [10% deduction in the aerodynamics and a $7 million fine] will not harm the spectacular performance of Red Bull, and they will again have the power to dominate as they did in 2022.

In addition, for the Scuderia Ferrari, which remained a tough challenge for Red Bull through the entire 2022 season, Grosjean seemed too optimistic. He said, “Ferrari is going to have a very strong car once again in 2023.” For the overall scenario of the upcoming season, teh former French driver admitted that Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari of them are going to be at the top, battling each other for the title.


However, for Mercedes, not only Romain Grosjean but also Lewis Hamilton himself seems to be optimistic. He is sure that the Silver Arrows will build a strong W14 which will beat whatever Red Bull will bring in the grid next year. He said, “We will definitely be able to beat Red Bull.” Besides, the seven-time world champion praised Ferrari for doing great in the last season. He said, “Ferrari had a difficult year but they have shown how strong they can be which is very nice to see.”

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