They say ‘age is just a number’; Max Verstappen proves it. The way he treats his nine years elder girlfriend, Kelly Piquet, is a dream of many couples. Max and Kelly together have millions of fans. Whenever the couple posts something on social media, it receives huge love and reactions from fans from all across the world. Recently, a picture from Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet’s vacation is getting viral online. The beautiful model girlfriend is wearing a symmetric cream bikini, and as she flaunts her figure, it drops everyone’s jaw!

In another image, Max and Kelly are kissing each other while soaking in the sun at the St. Barts gateway. The beach day pictures of the driver with his partner somehow suggest how he is enjoying the winter break to get recharged before the 2023 season begins. Going deep into the pictures, one can see that Kelly is adorned with an aesthetic necklace with a pair of earrings.

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Soon, Max goes shirtless in light grey swimming shorts, diving, laughing, and having fun in the ocean. However, it was nothing unexpected. Max’s father, Jos Verstappen, has already mentioned that his son may seem arrogant. But when he goes beyond the sport, he becomes a very soft and nature-enjoying person.

Max Verstappen Found A Very Similar-Minded Girl Friend, Not Fond Of Social Media

Meanwhile, one thing is very clear. Max Verstappen is not the one who likes to share everything about his personal life. The Dutchman has approx 10 million fans on Instagram, yet he posts something in a while that, too, is probably done by his manager. The couple might have shared pictures on the occasion of New Year. But, they have already explained their step off from social media. Speaking with Limburger, Max Verstappen once told, “I don’t need to share my private life with the world.”

Max Verstappen probably has found a soulmate in Kelly Piquet in terms of having the same thoughts about social media. Just like Max, Kelly, too, is not much enthusiastic about sharing her pictures and daily life things on IG despite being a supermodel. About Kelly, the boyfriend said, “She is also doing it much less than how she used to.” (Maybe the influence of Verstappen is too strong).

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Don’t know the particular reason, but Max Verstappen is kind of frustrated with social media. Probably because it is getting toxic day by day, this is the platform that gives huge appreciation, but it also becomes the one that gives huge criticism sometimes. The controversies taking place through social media are apparently a bigger reason to hate it. However, it is definitely not that Max does not like to interact with fans. He often shares his sports-related and other important details. The two-time world champion driver is just not the kind of person who does nothing else all day except post things on media. “I am busy with other things,” he said.

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