CTO Adrian Newey Leaving Red Bull? Christian Horner Already Made Plans To Run The Racing Team Without Him

Red Bull

Red Bull has undoubtedly dominated the Formula One championship this year. Not only their lead driver, Max Verstappen, won the championship title, but the team also got their hands on the Constructors Championship. Aside from this, they swept in all the awards as well, from teh Driver of the year to the racing team of the year. In this accomplishment, the Red Bull racing team involved all the members who contributed to their win, along with their Chief Technical Officer, Adrian Newey. 

Apparently, Newey has given his major time to Red Bull in making it the best team than the rest. It was his direction that led the racing team to its heights. However, the Milton-Keynes-based team is sure to be happy and successful if Newey leaves the team. So, is Adrian Newey leaving Red Bull? Keep reading to find out. 

Is Adrian Newey Leaving Red Bull?


Newey is said to be one of the leading Formula One designers. Evidently, his talent is not restricted to Red Bull. Previously, he has also provided his immense mastery to McLaren & Williams. However, ever since Newey joined the racing team in 2007, his magnificence has been largely responsible for their success. It was he who understood this year\’s technical directive and molded the RB18 to success.

However, talks are swirling around that Red Bull is set to function perfectly even without Newey\’s absence from the team. According to Christian Horner, Adrian Newey is not a fixed employee of the organization. He timely scans the team and sorts out the problems if there are any. Newey also spends a lot of time and energy with various departments to ensure everything is functioning as it should. However, his temporary role has made it easier for the other employees to understand and responsibilities and work on them. 


Therefore, if and when Adrian Newey leaves the racing team, they have a plan for what they will need to do ahead. During the KTM Summer Grill interview for Speedcafe, Horner reckoned that his team, led by technical director Pierre Wache had done a tremendous job. Seemingly, \”He divides his time between several initiatives, which has compelled the other people to take the lead.\” And that is why even if the British designer leaves Red Bull, the racing team will be better than ever at working efficiently and leading the motorsport.

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