DRS, the drag Reduction System, the system which has been criticized by almost all the drivers of Formula One, is not leaving the motorsport even in the next generation. According to the chief technical officer of F1, Pat Symonds, the future cars will have a place for DRS. Apparently, this is because the aerodynamics will be set up in a way that will require the reduction system.

Pat Symonds suggested that the opening area of the rear wing of the car takes the help of the Drag Reduction System since 2011. And yet the system has faults that never fail to involve it in intense criticism. The DRS is responsible for providing an advantage over the front side of the F1 cars. However, despite these criticisms, the rear wing design of the cars is still praised.


Meanwhile, the technical regulations introduced in 2022 are not yet completed with their motive. Symonds and the team are currently drawing the design and concept of the next set of rules that will soon get implemented in F1. In 2026 a mass set of regulations is awaiting, and several new entries will be coming. Teams like Red Bull may also introduce their own Powe Trains also. The year might confirm the stay of DRS in the sport.

“DRS Is Criticized, But It Makes The Battles Interesting,” Claims F1 Technical Officer

Speaking with the Autosport International Business Forum, F1’s chief technical officer admitted that a lot of people criticize the use of DRS in F1 cars. So, it becomes a problem to let it continue in the future. But he knows that it can make passing too easy.

He believes that overtaking makes a battle end, but it is the kind of battle that makes things interesting in sports. “It is the unpredictability that is the driver going to get past?”. These things create the reason for attraction to F1. He gave an example of what happened in Imola, where the governing body was very much reluctant to allow the use of DRS. Without the system, the races remain dull and unattractive.


DRS is all about getting things right. Whatever regulation has already been launched in 2022 sets an example and gives lessons to learn. These lessons will help them in curating perfect rules in 2026. And so far, one thing is very much clear, “We are not losing the DRS in 2026. This is because the F1 cars will be totally active in aerodynamics. There is always a need for downforce augmentation instead of the DRS. Behind the car, it loses the drag. However, to reduce the downforce, one can work hard. So the new Formula One regulation launching in 2026 will have a solution for the downforce occurring in the cars.

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