Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers are doomed as they have all the paths closing in the adversity that this season has turned out. LA is among the worst and bottom teams on the table, and they do not have 2023 drafts. Bringing in new fresh players is always an advantage, but the Lakers’ lack of draft could make them miss on young options. And in the meantime, rumors have arisen that the Lakers might trade Anthony Davis for Deandre Ayton.

Since Anthony Davis left the court, the Lakers have found themselves struggling to replace him with current options. Therefore, Hollywood could make a change in mid-January, as they announced before Christmas. It is not a surprise that the team could not fulfill the gap Anthony left in LA’s heart. The Lakers are an average team apart from their three superstars, who underperformed at the beginning of the season. The start of the season has caused the team and the management to succumb to the pressure. And it looks like there is no comeback from the worst start in 65 years that the Lakers saw this season.

Anthony Davis
Lakers Anthony Davis

The Lakers Talk Trade With Phoenix Suns

LeBron James is big on winning his way of talking, and his tweets clearly represent his desire for total domination. However, the team has not performed to the level everyone expects. And this has led to frustrations and agitation, about which the Lakers forward has been very vocal. To avoid further loss, the rumors suggest that LA is in conversation with Phoenix Suns. It looks like Deandre Ayton does not fit right in the Suns’ system, and they are ready to get rid of him.

Anthony Davis & Deandre Ayton- Lakers
Anthony Davis & Deandre Ayton

The Lakers have endured three seasons of Anthony getting injured and missing the most crucial games of the year. So it seems LA has finally decided to let him leave. Although it might turn out a good deal for the team, injury-prone Davis is a too high risk that the Suns will take. Meanwhile, the draft picks that the Suns will receive will truly make them a top-tier team in the Western Conference. Meanwhile, LA will also miss the dynamic duo of LeBron and Anthony.

Bradley Beal Is Also A Part Of The Revolution

The 2020 champions are looking to find their groove back that has been missing for the last two years. And the way that this season has perished, only new players could bring Hollywood back into the business. LeBron is playing well, but his huge numbers do not convey the whole story of the team. Therefore the Lakers wait for Washington’s Bradley Beal to magically be ready for the trade.

Bradley Beal
Bradley Beal

The Lakers are suffering horrendously when it comes to defense after Davis’ stress fracture injury. The 6’4″ shooting guard could be a great help as he can score, distribute the ball and defend. It looks like the three-time All-star would work wonders in this dying Lakers team. Meanwhile, the 29-year-old is averaging 23.5 points, 5.2 assists, and 3.6 rebounds.

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