Should The Lakers Trade Russell Westbrook For Bradley Beal? The Statistical Analysis Is The Answer

Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers are the team that is still in awe of entering the playoffs. But it does not look possible without making some crucial changes in the unit that LA has. The Laker\’s front office is constantly searching for the players that could rule over the bad start of the Lakers. And write their future on the fresh page and help them reach as close to the title as possible. Hollywood would want to recover the loss endured in the last two seasons to put them back on track.

There is no doubt that the Lakers are one of the most historic teams in the history of the NBA. The status that LA has comes with years and years of top standings from the league\’s top players. However, the last two years have not been the same for some reason. One such reason could be Rob Pelinka\’s selection of the wrong players in recent seasons. But the Lakers have been taking their time to select the most suitable player that will improve the team. Keep reading to find out what the Lakers think about trades before heading into the New Year.

Russell Westbrook\’s Future At The Lakers

There have been rumors surrounding Russell Westbrook even before the season began due to his flop 2021 season in LA. The Lakers are either utterly confused or do not know their next move because the recent rumor is quite confusing for the fans. According to current rumors, LA is going to make Westbrook the focal point of the trade before the deadline. The rumor earlier suggested that Russ stays and Kendrick Nunn-Patrick Beverley will be packaged to acquire new players.

Russell Westbrook & Bradley Beal

It looks like Russell will be making way more headlines before the trade deadline of February approaches. Everyone thought that since Westbrook\’s off-the-bench role has become such a key part of the team, Russ would stay. However, the likeliness of that happening is decreasing as he is linked to trade with Bradley Beal. Some NBA executives are seen talking that Bradley Beal could go to the Lakers in exchange for 9X All-star.

Is It Worth Making The Trade?

There is no doubt that, like a debate about everything, some people are in it, and some are out. This is what was discussed in the Lowe Podcast whether the trade is worth happening for both the parties involved. Meanwhile, it is true that Westbrook is not close to the level of Bradley Beal. But the Wizards also want to get rid of Bradley Beal as soon as they can.


In some ways, the needs and wants are met, while there are some things that need to be worked on. But the rumors dont suggest the complete story, as the Lakers are involved with various other organizations as well. Reports also suggest a possible trade for Kevin Durant to Hollywood.

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