\”LeBron James Is A Coward,\” Claims Skip Bayless, Calls His Kareem Abdul Jabbar\’s Chase \”The Biggest Sideshow\”

LeBron James- Skip Bayless

The Los Angeles Lakers have been the worst team shooting team in the NBA this season in terms of shooting. But other aspects of their game have also not been at the Lakers\’ level. The team is currently at the bottom of the Western Conference standings, which does not make them eligible for the postseason. This all added up when the team started the season with the organization\’s worst start in the history of the Lakers. However, after a while, the Lakers caught the drift to better themselves, but it did not last long. Along with LA, LeBron James is also suffering, as these are the last few years of his basketball.

Leading a team to victory or even the whole season for the title is not something LeBron James is unfamiliar with. But the Lakers will have to understand that King James does not have the same fire he carried in his younger years. But the small forward\’s individual performance is still the same as he continues to score around 30 points in every game. However, Skip Bayless only needs to see the smoke to know that there is a fire in the forest. The NBA analyst and the number one James critic is back mocking the four-time NBA title winner.

LeBron James

Bayless Blames Roster Problems On LeBron James

The Lakers are a very overpriced, underperforming team that might have shaken the organization\’s financials. And LeBron James is one of the greatest players ever to play, which gives him the perk of being one of the most expensive as well. Alongside him are two other superstars in the team with a massive contract of over $40 million each this year. Reports say that even without lifting a finger on the court, both Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis will make a huge salary. And Skip believes that this enormous salary cap among three players is tying the hands of the Lakers to make a move.

On one side, where everybody is excited to see LeBron James break the all-time scoring record, Bayless has another argument. He believes that the 18-time All-star crossing Kareem Abdul Jabbar\’s record is going to be the biggest sideshow in the NBA. Bayless wants James to achieve the feat as soon as possible so that the world can shift its attention from \’stenching\’ the Lakers team. Meanwhile, the four-time NBA finals MVP has 1000 points to go in 25 games before the All-star break. The feat looks more than achievable, as he is already averaging 27.8 points per game.

LeBron James

Skip changes color more frequently than the Chameleon itself. Recently the NBA analyst praised LeBron James for his incredible consecutive 30-plus points performance. And a week later, he is back on, overshadowing his achievements by calling it a sideshow. It looks like Bayless is the number one Lakers fan who is pissed at how they are currently playing. However, the Lakers\’ future depends on Davis\’ return and fair trade to balance the team.

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