Verstappen & Hamilton

It\’s a no say that Red Bull\’s Max Verstappen and Mercedes\’ Lewis hamilton had a fierce rivalry during the 2021 season. The two drivers competed wheel-to-wheel in the drivers\’ championship. And the winner was not decided until the final moments of the season\’s last race in Abu Dhabi. There were several occasions in the championship when Verstappen and Hamilton had incidents between them, from making contact to controversial crashes and a lot of criticism against each other in the media. However, one of the most dangerous incidents that happened last year was during the British Grand Prix. 

Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen battled closely at the Briton\’s home circuit. And the Dutchman ended up failing to finish the race after a horrific crash. Recently, F1 expert Tom Coronel has revealed a secret message about Lewis Hamilton that Verstappen sent him after his high-speed crash at Silverstone last year. The Red Bull driver sent the message to Coronel on his way to the hospital after surviving a 180mph crash at Copse Corner. There was a great deal of discussion about the incident and whose fault it actually was. 

Verstappen & Hamilton

Coronel shared that he texted Max to ask if he was doing okay after the heavy crash. The F1 expert claimed that the Dutchman texted him back in just three minutes at 4:18 p.m. UK time, an hour after he crashed into the barriers. The text reads, \”Cannot cope with the pressure that guy hahaha. Don\’t worry, Tommy, we\’re gonna beat him this year.\”

Verstappen Crashes While Hamilton Refuses To Apologize:

Cornel further mentioned that he was connected with Verstappen through Whatsapp when the Dutchman was on his way to the hospital from Silverstone. Tom pointed out that Max never complained that he was pushed off. Max Verstappen was sure about kicking back and was not too bothered with the incident. Coronel added, \”This shows to me the mindset. Max, the mind is so strong, so strong.\”

The incident was one of the many such instances that happened last season between Verstappen and Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton went to the inside at Copse when Verstappen swung in front to try and fend the Briton off. Eventually, Hamilton\’s Mercedes made contact with Verstappen\’s rear right tyre. As a result, the tyre was ripped, and the Dutchman flew right into the barrier soon after. The incident took place at 51Gs, after which Verstappen was sent to a hospital for precautionary checks.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton was able to carry on and win the race at his home. He secured crucial 25 points against his rivals. Hamilton was also concerned about Verstappen, but he refused to apologize. The Briton said, \”I don\’t think I\’m in the position to have to apologize for anything. We\’re out there racing.\”

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