Lewis Hamilton Receives A Boost! Struggling Mercedes Gets More Testing Allowance Due To FIA ATR Rule!

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Mercedes have struggled with the aerodynamic design of their new W13 since the start of the season. The Silver Arrows\’ new generation car had been struggling with the porpoising issue. As a result, the reigning constructors\’ champions are only the third fastest team this season. Mercedes have fallen behind the constructors\’ championship leader Red Bull, by 116 points. Meanwhile, George Russel and Lewis Hamilton are fourth and sixth in the drivers\’ standings. However, the German racing team has finally received the benefit of falling behind in the grid than they were last year, thanks to the FIA aerodynamic testing rule. 

The ATR rule is a part of the FIA regulations, which provides racing teams that have fallen behind with extra testing time to allow scope for development. Thus, as a result of the Silver Arrows losing their way from the top, they will no longer be restricted when it comes to testing time to find their way back at the front of the grid, with Red Bull and Ferrari currently the only two teams fighting for the 2022 championship. 

Russell & Hamilton

The German racing team received a ten percent increment in their aerodynamic testing allowance, which governs the windtunnel runs and the quantity of CFD items used during the ATR period. Mercedes allowance has also increased from 70% during the season\’s first half to 80% for the second half. Meanwhile, Red Bull, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, and Haas\’ wind tunnel time has been reduced as they are in a better position than the second of the 2021 season. The increased testing time will allow Lewis Hamilton and George Russell to improve the W13 and start working on plans for the 2023 car. 

Can Mercedes Win The British Grand Prix?

F1 is moving to Silverstone for the tenth race of the season as we expect a slight change in Mercedes\’ position during the British Grand Prix. The Silver Arrows have struggled to compete at the front in the last three street circuit races. However, they hope to win their first race of the season in Silverstone with upgrades on the way.


Mercedes technical director Mike Elliot revealed that the team would bring some upgrades during the British weekend. The British aerodynamicist shared that Mercedes will bring new bits and a new package to push the car forward. They hope to find some pace to compete for a win. Elliot hoped that Silverstone would suit his team a little better, given their successful history at hamilton\’s home circuit. 

However, Mike admitted that the upcoming race would be difficult for them as new challenges await the team ahead on a new track. But, spectators could see some real pace from Mercedes as they showed during the Spanish weekend in Barcelona. Moreover, the British engineer assured that the Silver Arrows and its drivers would push as hard as can. He added, \”We want to win for the team. We definitely want to win and we want to win for you, the fans. So, let\’s see what happens.\”

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