Verstappen & Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are undoubtedly the two of the greatest F1 racing drivers in modern times. However, it is no surprise they are not the best of buddies, which was clear during the championship battle last year. The bitter rivalry was breathtaking for the fans as they fought side-by-side on numerous occasions and made contact three times. While the two drivers are not battling closely for the championship in 2022, Verstappen and Hamilton have targetted each other subtly. 

Recently, Hamilton took a dig at Max by claiming that Charles Leclerc was a more sensible driver after they battled during the British Grand Prix. Meanwhile, Verstappen and Hamilton came together at Copse last year in Silverstone, with the Dutchman going into the walls at 180mph. Max responded to Lewis\’ comments about track limits and said it was inspiring to see a driver was still learning to get through an apex at age 37. However, the rivalry is still quite hot, with fans getting indulged in fights during the races. Several reports suggested that other spectators had abused fans during the Austrian GP with homophobic comments and sexual harassment. 

Verstappen and Hamilton

Moreover, some Max Verstappen fans insulted several Mercedes fans during the Austrian GP weekend. One of the Lewis Hamilton fans was abused and mistreated by the Dutch crowd. Hence, the Silver Arrows decided to incite the fan to enjoy the race from the garage. Amid all the drama, a former British driver David Coulthard has claimed that Lewis and Max do not have a connection like other drivers have, such as Lando Norris and George Russell. The F1 expert felt the two stars have a generational divide, which they need to keep aside and come together to stand against the abuse.

Coulthard Wants Lewis & Max To Reunite Against Fans\’ Abuse

Talking to Channel 4, David said he would like to see Hamilton and Verstappen getting their arms around each other\’s shoulders. Coulthard suggested that they need to make a statement to the fans to deal with the abuse and booing. David pointed out that the British crowd booed Verstappen in Silverstone, which he did not feel comfortable with. Coulthard added, \”I\’m all for who you want to support. But let\’s be sporting, let\’s make this something which is respectful.\”


Both Max and Lewis expressed their concerns about the rising abuse incidents in Austria. The Mercedes driver was disgusted to hear that several fans faced racist and homophobic abuse at the circuit in Austria. Meanwhile, Verstappen was shocked by the reports about abuse towards fans. The reigning world champ stated there was no need to abuse. As per him, it was a general understanding that it should not happen. Max concluded, \”A normal human being should think like that and should behave like that.\”

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