Yankees Rest Joey Gallo After The Corner Outfielder Gets Booed By Home Crowd!

Joey Gallo Yankees

Joey Gallo watched the Yankees pull off a clean sweep against the Athletics on Wednesday from the bench. The Bombers secured a 5-3 to lock the three-game series as they head to Minute maid park to face the Astros next. Gallo has been going through a bit of a tough run as he extended his 0-for-24 streak with 13 strikeouts. 

The home crowd at the Yankees stadium booed the two-time All-Star after he failed to perform once again in the last eight games. Joey was rested on Wednesday to avoid a southpaw matchup against the Athletics\’ Cole Irvin. While the Pinstripers\’ domination might have taken some criticism from Joey Gallo, he was targetted by the Yankees fans for his poor run, which he would desperately like to get out of.

Joey Gallo

Boone Discusses Gallo\’s Poor Hitless Spree Of Eight Games

The Yankees manager Aaron Boone told after the Wednesday game that the team\’s winning spree is helping Gallo big time. However, Boone pointed out that a player also has personal expectations, pride, and the desire to succeed. Aaron shared that Gallo would love to be a part of the winning, which he very much is. 

Moreover, the Yankees boss stated that Joey must be feeling a heavy burden after being a successful All-Star in the major league and then failing to get results. He added, \”Especially when you are pouring everything into it, which Joey does.\” Boone also mentioned that it must be really frustrating for Gallo and certainly weighing & wearing him off.

Aaron Boone

Meanwhile, the 28-year-old has played 120 games since he joined the Yankees last summer. The two-time Golden glove winner has an OPS of .659 while batting .163. He has been struck out 172 times with 65 walks and 22 home runs. The corner outfielder would hope that he can break his hitless streak, which has spanned eight games now. The hitless spree is also the longest of his career by at-bats, crossing the 13-game, 23 at-bats hitless streak during the 2016-17 season.

Elsewhere, Arold is Chapman is about to get off the injury list by Friday after pitching a perfect inning during the third rehab appearance on Tuesday at Triple-A Scranton. Boone

shared that Chapman could be a viable option during the Thursday game against the Astros. However, the Yankees might give Aroldis an extra day so he can stay fresh after throwing in three of the last five days.

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