Aaron Judge At First Base
Aaron Judge At First Base Source: MLB.com

The New York Yankees captain, Aaron Judge, will enter his second year as the team’s captain in 2024. His first year was an absolute nightmare as his boys finished outside the postseason. However, this year, the towering slugger is confident and positive of a comeback season.

Having said that, Aaron Judge has always been a team-first player since the beginning of his professional career. With the added captaincy responsibility, Judge is now more committed to his team’s best interest than ever. In an interesting turn of events, it seems Judge is set to don the glove at an unusual position to help the team bridge crucial gaps during the 2024 season.


Aaron Judge Open To Play First Base In Emergency Situation

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge AP

Aaron Judge, the face of the New York Yankees, is a man of many talents. Now a regular outfielder, Judge once pitched and even played first base during his freshman year at Fresno State. However, since joining MLB, the slugger restricted himself to playing right field until this year’s spring training. In an unusual turn of events, Judge was seen taking ground balls at first base. When asked about his true intentions, Aaron said he just wanted to revisit his old memories. However, when pressed further, Judge revealed that he was trying to be flexible to help the team in emergency situations. Apparently, the captain is open to the possibility of playing first base in the future if the need arises.

“I always want to be ready to help the team,” Judge said. In the recent past, Anthony Rizzo has been the New York Yankees’ regular first baseman. However, last year, he missed the second half of the season due to concussion syndrome. Thus, in case Rizzo relapses this year, Aaron Judge is keeping himself ready to face the music. Additionally, Judge’s size and athleticism make him well-suited for the demands of first base. His imposing stature and agility could provide a valuable defensive presence in the said position. While he may not have extensive experience in the position, his willingness to step up and fill the role in an emergency situation speaks volumes about his dedication to the team. Overall, as the Yankees gear up for a crucial season, Judge’s newly discovered flexibility will add to the roster’s confidence and self-belief.

Yankees Prospect Resembling Picture With Judge Breaks The Internet

Spencer Jones, Aaron Judge

Spencer Jones, a 6-foot-9 prospect of the Yankees farm system, reported for spring training last week as a non-roster invitee. He worked out with captain Aaron Judge on a day. And the duo’s pictures have sent the internet into a frenzy. Jones appears bigger than the 6-foot-7 Yankee captain in the picture.

Not only that, Spencer Jones and Aaron Judge looked unusually similar to one another. The uncanny resemblance shocked the Yankee fanbase, who had seen the duo together on the field for the first time. Naturally, the picture received a humorous reaction from the fans. Needless to say, such wholesome content has kept the Yankee fans hooked this spring training.

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