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Aaron Judge, the face of the New York Yankees, began his MLB journey in 2013 after being picked up by the Bombers during the final moments of the draft. A lot of franchises overlooked Judge. But Yanks took the plunge without the slightest hint of what the towering slugger would bring to the club.

Eventually, Aaron Judge ended up being the best in the business. He rose through the ranks quickly, owning to staggering offensive numbers before peaking in 2022. He slammed the new home run record to earn his career maiden MVP. While the slugger remains one of the mightiest forces of baseball, he still hasn’t forgotten his roots. Perhaps the same deep connection will now earn him new glory.


Aaron Judge’s Alma Mater To Retire His College Baseball Jersey Number!

Aaron Judge
Aaron judge in the on deck circle at Minute Maid Park. via Twitter NYY

Aaron Judge’s journey to becoming an MLB sensation began at Fresno State University of California. Despite being drafted out of high school, Judge decided to play college baseball for the Fresno State Bulldogs to sharpen his skills. He represented his alma mater from 2011-2013. Though the slugger could only put up six home runs combined from 2011-2012, he peaked in 2013 by slamming 12 long hits. Now, years later, Fresno State has decided to honor its alumni. As per Andy Martino of SNY, Fresno State University of California has decided to retire Aaron Judge’s college jersey number 29.

Aaron Judge’s imminent honor from Fresno State is a fitting tribute to an individual who has not only excelled in the sport of baseball but also exemplified the values and qualities that the university holds dear. His connection to his alma mater remains strong. And this recognition is a testament to the enduring bond between Aaron Judge and Fresno State. As he continues to make his mark on the baseball world, his roots in Fresno and the values instilled during his college years remain a guiding force in his journey to greatness. Perhaps someday, Aaron Judge might also have his Yankee number 99 retired. Because undoubtedly, Judge will finish his storied career as a forever and legendary Yankee.

Aaron Judge Vows Of A Comeback In 2024!

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge points after hitting a 2-run homer. Twitter NYY

Meanwhile, Aaron Judge is caught in the whirlwind of criticism following an appalling 2023 season. The captain of the New York Yankees saw his team go down the hill from the sidelines. He hit the concrete slab of Dodger Stadium’s fence, which tore his toe ligament. Eventually, the slugger ended up missing six long weeks. It took only six weeks for the Yankees to completely fall out of the playoffs picture.

Having said that, Aaron Judge is not dwelling on the past. He is confident of being healthy in time for the 2024 season and promised a fitting comeback. He added that a lot of changes would be happening during the off-season, and he would personally overlook the decision-making committee. Judge, who still has eight years left on the contract, won’t take anything less than a championship ring in 2024. Surely, the captain’s words sound promising. But at the end of the day, the entire unit has to come together to accomplish the ultimate dream.