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“Whatever, I Don’t Care,” Alex Verdugo Responds To Ex-Red Sox Star’s ‘Lazy’ Comments

Alex Verdugo will now play on the other side of New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox rivalry this year. He was traded from Boston to the Bronx earlier this off-season in a rare trade deal. However, Alex’s arrival in New York wasn’t well received by Red Sox loyalists back in Boston.

Apparently, Alex Verdugo stepped on Jonathan Papelbon’s toes when he subtly called out Red Sox manager Alex Cora for unprofessional behavior. Papelbon hit back at Verdugo with objectional language on Twitter, which caused a massive controversy. Meanwhile, Alex broke his silence on the matter for the first time on his first day of spring with the Bronx Bombers.


Alex Verdugo Calls Jonathan Papelbon ‘Crazy’ Over Twitter Rant!

Alex Verdugo #99 of the Boston Red Sox hits a three-run home run off Shane Bieber of the Cleveland Guardians during the sixth inning at Progressive Field on June 25, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio. SOURCE: Nick Cammett/Getty Images

Alex Verdugo’s first media conversation as a Yankee caused a massive uproar back in Boston. Former Red Sox star Jonathan Papelbon was miffed with Vedugo talking trash about his previous organization and ranted against him on social media. He called the outfielder lazy and unproductive. Jonathan also added that Alex was shelved from the lineup because of his own unruly behavior. “If I played for Cora, I’m drilling this [guy], just saying,” wrote Papelbon. He continued his rant on the Foul Territory podcast and stood firm on his stance. Meanwhile, after much chaos and controversy, Alex Verdugo finally opened up on his first reaction to Papelbon’s rant. Alex said he does not care what the former Red Sox star opines about him. “Honestly, I don’t care about anything he says,” Alex Verdugo said.

Moreover, Alex Verdugo hit back at Jonathan Papelbon, saying he rarely visited the clubhouse and knows nothing about what conspires inside. Verdugo thinks Jonathan is an emotional guy in a crazy way with zero filter to what comes out of his mouth. But at the end of the day, the outfielder believes everyone is entitled to an opinion, and he is least bothered about the same. “Hopefully, he feels better; he got his little reaction out, whatever. I don’t care,” concluded Verdugo. That being said, the controversy surrounding Verdugo’s work ethic is not new. The young outfielder has faced criticism and scrutiny throughout his career. However, despite the criticism, Alex Verdugo remains a formidable left-handed slugger capable of causing destruction with the bat. As he does the pinstripes this year, he hopes the rivalry with the Red Sox will be perpetuated, and he can leave an impact now from the other side.

Jasson Dominguez To Start Hitting From Next Week!

Jasson Dominguez

In a major boost to the New York Yankees, top prospect Jasson Dominguez is set to take a big leap in his Tommy John recovery next week. Aaron Boone, the team manager, briefed the media that Dominguez will swing a bat from Monday onwards. Notably, he will be picking up the bat for the first time post-surgery.

Since the past month, Jasson Dominguez has been throwing from 60 feet. But the upcoming swing session is a major step in the right direction for the Martian. However, despite notable improvements, Dominguez is unlikely to return until the summer of this MLB season.

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