Alex Verdugo Boston Red Sox Outfielder
Alex Verdugo Boston Red Sox Outfielder Source: WFSB

The New York Yankees were desperate to land some quality outfielders. There was a time in the current offseason when they had doubts regarding the possibility of landing Juan Soto. It was at this point in time when the Boston Red Sox came to their rival’s rescue. Rarely do a baseball fan see the Bronx and the Red Sox make a player’s trade deal anymore. It never really happened a lot of times in the last half a century. Anyhow, Alex Verdugo moved from the Red Sox to the Yankees. But now, with three-star outfielders, the Pinstripes would like to make amends for the last season.

Moreover, the fans believe with Juan Soto in the lineup, the Yankees have the best chance to win their 28th World Series next year. Only time can tell if the Bronx Bombers can end the drought next year. They have not won or have been to a World Series since 2009. But this time, they have a shot with three-star sluggers. However, a former Red Sox winner recently called one of those star Yankees outfielder, “Lazy and Unproductive.”


Why Jonathan Papelbon Thinks Alex Verdugo Is Lazy And Unproductive?

Alex Verdugo Red Sox
Alex Verdugo Red Sox Source: BoSox Injection

On December 22, Jonathan Papelbon wrote on X to say that he didn’t appreciate how Alex Verdugo left things with Alex Cora, his former manager. The current Yankees lefty hitter made a back-handed shade about Cora during his introduction to the media on December 21. That’s why the 2007 World Series winner Papelbon expressed his displeasure and also made a suggestion. The former Red Sox winner played with Cora for seven years of his 12-season-long career. Moreover, Jonathan Papelbon has been an eight-time All-Star. Papelbon said Cora always has the backs of his players and teammates more than anyone in the game.

He called Verdugo “Vertigo” and said he aired himself as lazy, late, and unproductive. Moreover, Papelbon added that he would drill Verdugo if he played for Cora and also added “Just saying” at the end. Last season, Alex Verdugo averaged a .745 OPS (100 OPS+) and batted .264 with 54 RBI and 13 home runs. He is 27 years old at present. In his career, Verdugo averages .264, .765 OPS (105 OPS+), 255 RBI, and 57 homers in 2,327 at-bats. On December 5, the Yankees acquired him from their rivals in return for three pitchers, including Greg Weissert, a major leaguer.

The Red Sox Don’t Trade Players To Yankees That Often Anymore

Babe Ruth Yankees Red Sox
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Very few times in the past 50 years there was a trade deal between the two rivals. Since the Curse of the Bambino, the Red Sox always felt uncomfortable trading a player to the Yankees. Most importantly, the Boston franchise would never want to trade a player with whom they win a World Series ever again. Anyhow, the Red Sox traded Alex Verdugo to the Yankees this offseason, even before the NY side landed Juan Soto.

But now the outfield lineup of the Bronx Bombers looks really good with Verdugo, Aaron Judge, and Juan Soto. The fans are hoping to see a strong offense next season, leading the 27-time champions to another World Series. Last season, the Bronx Bombers really struggled with their offense. Moreover, they had the second-worst batting average, only better than the Oakland Athletics in 2023.