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Spencer Jones Emerge As A Lefty Successor To Yankees Captain Aaron Judge!

The New York Yankees’ captain and cornerstone of the hitting lineup, Aaron Judge, has been the face of the franchise for a while now. He witnessed a meteoric rise shortly after his debut in 2016. And presently, Judge is the most important and respected figure inside the Yankee clubhouse in the Bronx.

While the Yankees locked Aaron Judge’s services for the upcoming eight years, finding a successor would be a daunting task for Hal Steinbrenner. Players of Judge’s caliber are born once in a generation. However, perhaps the Bronx Bombers would not have to scout much as a potential candidate exists right amongst them who, interestingly, is a left-handed batter.


Can Spencer Jones Emulate Aaron Judge’s Meteoric Rise With Yankees?

Spencer Jones
Yankees prospect Spencer Jones has been grinding through a slump offensively in High-A Hudson Valley of late.AP

Aaron Judge raised the bar for the future generation of the New York Yankees with his impeccable talent and storied hitting power. However, finding a successor for Judge is extremely difficult due to the slugger’s 6-foot-7 towering figure. It’s not every day that tall guys choose baseball over basketball for a professional sporting career. But Aaron Judge did, and there is someone else within the Yank farms system who followed the captain’s cue. Spencer Jones, a first-round 2022 MLB draft pick, currently holds the No.1 rank in the club’s extensive farm system. He has received a non-roster invite for this year’s spring training session. Jones draws a lot of similarities with Judge. He is 6-foot-6 tall and is a powerful hitter on the plate.

However, the only thing that set Spencer Jones apart from Aaron Judge is the batting hand. While Judge has been a formidable right-handed hitter, Jones bats left. Regardless, many scouts do not see the batting hand as a much different maker. In fact, Jones has been regarded as the left-handed version of the beloved captain. Speaking of metrics, Jones hit 35 doubles, 4 triples, and 20 homers with a .279 batting average in 142 minor league games played till now. Moreover, the prospect also clubbed 55 stolen bases in 67 tries. The only area of improvement is the strikeout rate. However, the prospect is expected to resolve the issue as and when he matures as a professional baseball player. Overall, Jones has what it takes to succeed Aaron Judge. But he has to trust the process and make his own identity as well along the way.

Yankees Stalled Two Blockbuster Trade Deals To Protect Spencer Jones

Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Apparently, the New York Yankees take Spencer Jones’s promising talent very seriously. The front office’s recent off-season moves are a perfect testament to the club’s commitment to its rookie prospects. As per reports, the Yanks squashed multiple trade deals involving Corbin Burnes and Dylan Cease because the rivals asked for Spencer Jones.

Reportedly, the Yankees have communicated that Spencer Jones remains off the table. They won’t sign on any deal that involves parting ways with Jones. Even if it costs the team a key rotational piece, the Bombers seem fine with the loss as long as Jones stays protected. It remains to be seen if the prospect lives up to the hype and expectations.

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