Aaron Judge
Spencer Jones, Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge has been the cornerstone of the New York Yankees lineup since his debut in 2016. Over the year, he went on to achieve numerous milestones, including the home-run league record and maiden AL-MVP award, both in the year 2022. He was appointed the captain of the team early last season.

Having said that, Aaron Judge still remains in the second year of his nine-year contract. But it’s perennial for the New York Yankees to find a successor. Notably, the club has invested heavily in its farm system. And protected the highly rated prospects from trade deals. Can one such thriving prospect fill Judge’s shoes in the long-term future?


Spencer Jones Battling Heavy Expectations As He Gears Up For Spring Training!

Spencer Jones
Yankees prospect Spencer Jones has been grinding through a slump offensively in High-A Hudson Valley of late.AP

The New York Yankees have invited a lot of non-roster players for this season’s spring training session. Spencer Jones currently ranked the No.1 prospect in the team’s farm system, also received the invite. However, Jones entered the session with a load of baggage of expectations. Spencer Jones’s remarkable skills and potential have drawn comparisons to the iconic Aaron Judge. At first glance, the parallels between Spencer Jones and Aaron Judge are striking. Both are towering outfielders known for their impressive power at the plate. Jones, standing at 6-foot-7, possesses a similar imposing presence to Judge, who stands at 6-foot-7 as well. Moreover, like Judge, Jones boasts a powerful swing capable of launching baseballs into the stratosphere.

However, it’s not just physical attributes that draw comparisons between Jones and Aaron Judge. Both players share a similar trajectory in their early careers, making waves in the minor leagues before catching the attention of MLB scouts and fans alike. In 2023, Spencer slammed 16 home runs and 43 stolen bases for High-A Hudson Valley and Double-A Somerset. It was also his first professional season as a pro-athlete. Moreover, the New York Yankees protected the prospect from trade threats multiple times this off-season. That underscores how much the organization values Jones as their future star in the making. However, despite the similarities, it’s important to acknowledge that Jones is his own player with his own unique strengths and weaknesses. Undoubtedly, comparisons to Judge are flattering. But the kid will need to carve out his own path and establish himself as a standout player in his own right.

Aaron Judge Prodigy Stays Protected By Yankees!

Spencer Jones Yankees
Spencer Jones Yankees Source: MLB.com

When the New York Yankees lost Corbin Burnes to the Baltimore Orioles this off-season, Yankee fans were baffled. As per rumors, the Yanks remained in play but opted out owing to the steep price. Jon Heyman claimed that the Milwaukee Brewers asked for Spencer Jones in exchange for Burnes. And the Yanks suggested that Jones was off the table.

Having said that, the Baltimore Orioles took advantage of the situation and managed to land Corbin Burnes from the Brewers. To be fair, the Yankees already parted with a significant depth this off-season to secure multiple trades. Thus, it didn’t make much sense to sacrifice Spencer Jones for an aging pitcher.

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