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The New York Yankees have been looking for a starting pitcher ever since the offseason began. Moreover, they were hot favorites to land the Japanese sensation Yoshinobu Yamamoto. However, things took a different turn that the NY side did not expect. The NY side was willing to sign the multiple-time Sawamura award winner for a ten-year deal worth $300 million. It was a pretty good offer. But the Japanese ace chose the Los Angeles Dodgers for a contract with $25 million and a two-year term more. Since then, the Yankees have been looking for a dependable starting pitcher. However, they signed with Marcus Stroman for a two-year deal worth $37 million.

But Brian Cashman and his front office are looking for someone more dependable. Clearly, among the top starting pitchers available this free agency, Blake Snell comes on top. But he refused the Yankees’ offer for a six-year deal worth $150 million. It is because the two-time Cy Young winner is looking for a nine-year deal worth $270 million. But the Bronx Bombers might not be willing to offer that big a deal. On the other hand, there is another good option that the 27-time champions can look at. It is the Milwaukee Brewers’ ace pitcher, Corbin Burnes.


Are The Yankees Willing To Go All-In For A Blockbuster Trade Signing Corbin Burnes

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On January 30, NJ.com’s Bob Klapisch mentioned the Yankees can move on from Blake Snell and look at Plan B. Corbin Burnes of the Milwaukee Brewers is a perfect choice for the NY side. Moreover, Klapisch believes the pro-rated salary of the Brewers ace won’t deter the Yankees owner from making a deal. On top of that, Corbin has been a trade candidate for the whole offseason. But no team tried to offer a deal with him. Next offseason, Burnes will be a free agent. If the Milwaukee Brewers fail to make the postseason this year, they might move his remaining salary of $15.6 million. But chances are he will start this year for the Brewers.

However, Klapish might be right saying that Hal Steinbrenner can say “Yes” to the idea of signing Burnes after the regular season begins. The NJ.com reporter states that Brian Cashman was even ready to sign Blake Snell for an annual salary of $28 million. According to Spotrac, the luxury-tax salary of Marcus Stroman is $18.5 million in 2024. Hence, the Yankees can spend as much as $10 million on the rotation, hypothetically. Moreover, the NY side won’t be the only team to try to land the Brewers ace pitcher. 

Cashman Knows They Can’t On Everything Going Right

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After the horrible 2023 season, the NY side was in deep trouble. They made sure they made some significant changes in the winter. After bringing Juan Soto and a few more sluggers, they look like a pretty solid outfield and their offense should do major damage to their opponents in the upcoming season. However, they have been trying to bolster their pitching department after they sacrificed a lot of resources from the bullpen to get the outfielders they wanted.

They got a few pitchers to increase their bullpen depth. But Brian Cashman said a few weeks earlier that they’ve got a pretty solid rotation at present. And if everything goes right they will have a great season ahead. However, that’s not something they are counting on. But even if things go right, it never hurts to make an impactful move for that particular roster area.

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