Marcus Stroman, Brian Cashman

New York Yankees signed Marcus Stroman in a two-year $37 million contract last week. Stroman will fill the gap of a fifth starter in the team’s starting rotation for the upcoming MLB season. However, Yanks pivoting to Stroman left Yankee fans bemused and bewildered.

To those unversed, the Yankees and Marcus Stroman had a long history of enmity. Stroman called out the club’s general manager, Brian Cashman, for raising doubts about the pitcher’s capabilities. However, apparently, the duo resolved issues as the pitcher signed a mega deal this off-season. Meanwhile, Cashman recently revealed the reasons that prompted him to pivot to Stroman this year.


Brian Cashman Says Marcus Stroman’s Fearlessness Made Him An Ideal Fit In Bronx!

Cubs right-hander Marcus Stroman has put together seven quality starts in eight outings this season. File photo.Getty

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman admitted on the MLB Network Radio that Yoshinobu Yamamoto was the team’s first-choice pitching reinforcement. Apparently, the franchise was knee-deep in the superstar’s pursuit. However, when Yamamoto made up his mind about joining the Dodgers, the franchise wasted no time in pivoting to Marcus Stroman. In a startling revelation, Cashman added that the front office had already been in touch with Stroman for all this while. Apparently, they wanted to pivot to someone who is not afraid to embrace the big city pressure. “He’s always ready to go to battle because that’s how he’s wired,” said Cashman. All these factors encouraged the Bronx Bombers to pursue Marcus Stroman, irrespective of past differences.

Meanwhile, Marcus Stroman also echoed his general manager’s sentiments. In his introductory press conference, he said how his association with the Yankees is a match made in heaven. Stroman reaffirmed that his challenges and pressure bring out the best in him. He is confident of soaking up the New York City limelight in 2024. Overall, the New York Yankees and Marcus Stroman seem on the same page with respect to expectations from the upcoming season. This year, the Bronx Bombers must reverse the lost season narrative. And regain the title of a dominant force. Meanwhile, the entire Yankee organization is pleased with Marcus Stroman’s signing. Juan Soto already endorsed the pitcher on his social media. The rest of the pact also reached out to Stroman. Thus, with Stroman’s signing, NYY has almost locked its roster for the impending pivotal season.

Are Yankees Still Active For Roster Reinforcements?

Brian Cashman
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The New York Yankees were supposed to bow out of the off-season with Marcus Stroman’s signing. However, it seems the Bronx Bombers are nowhere close to being done. Brian Cashman recently revealed the front office has been in talks with clubs about trades. Not only that, the club apparently also contacted a couple of free agents.

“We’re going to be open-minded to ways to improve the team,” Cashman said. With spring training less than three weeks away, it’s still unclear what the Yankees intend to accomplish this off-season. The roster spots remain full. Besides, the payroll has exceeded all limits with respect to luxury tax regulations. Thus, the front office much asses the implications of any more moves before taking a plunge.

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