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REPORTS: Yankees’ Aaron Judge & Juan Soto Both Favorites To Win AL MVP 2024!

This MLB season, the New York Yankees have two of the perennial hitters in the league in the form of Aaron Judge and Juan Soto. While Judge signed a nine-year mega extension deal last off-season, Soto was traded earlier this off-season in a blockbuster trade deal with the San Diego Padres.

Needless to say, the duo will share the responsibility of keeping the New York Yankees scoreboard ticking throughout the season. Aaron Judge and Juan Soto are also likely to complement each other as the righty-lefty combo. Meanwhile, the MVP predictions for the 2024 season are out, and surprisingly, both Judge and Soto found themselves competing for the same title.


Aaron Judge, Juan Soto Neck To Neck In 2024 Season AL-MVP Odds!

Juan Soto
Juan Soto Source: Deadspin

Aaron Judge, a household name and fan favorite, has already left an indelible mark on the baseball landscape. Moreover, the acquisition of Juan Soto by the New York Yankees has added another layer of excitement to the team’s lineup. Soto, known for his extraordinary hitting ability, plate discipline, and knack for delivering in clutch situations, brings a unique skill set that complements Judge’s power-hitting prowess. Thus, the Bronx Bombers will be banking heavily on this duo to leave a meaningful impact throughout the course of the 162-game league stage stretch. The odds of the franchise’s successful campaign lie in how Judge and Soto tackle the 2024 season challenges. Meanwhile, FanDuel Sportsbook recently released early odds for 2024’s MLB awards winners.

And surprisingly, Aaron Judge and Juan Soto were placed at the top of the AL-MVP winners list. While Judge’s odds stand at +550, Soto is right below him with +600 odds. Needless to say, the AL-MVP battle will be closely fought between these two phenomenal hitters. Having said that, the duo will meet significant challenges this year. While Judge has the injury chip on his shoulder, Soto’s unfamiliar with the change of scenery in a big city. Regardless, the Yanks are poised to boast one of the most potent offensive lineups in the league, with Judge and Soto at the forefront. Their combined offensive firepower, if sustained throughout the season, could propel the team to new heights and significantly impact the AL MVP race. While the MVP race often focuses on offensive contributions, both Judge and Soto bring defensive excellence to the table. Judge’s outfield prowess and Soto’s defensive capabilities contribute to their overall value as complete players.

Brian Cashman Says Yankees Committed To Bounce Back In 2024!

Brian Cashman Yankees GM
Brian Cashman Yankees GM Source: Fox News

In the latest press address, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said that fans didn’t deserve an 82-80 record season. All personnel associated with the franchise want to avoid a repeat of an awful experience and are committed to doing way better in 2024.

Besides, Brian Cashman added that he is happy with the work this off-season. They made necessary upgrades in the offense by bringing Juan Soto on board. Moreover, the rest of the pack has regrouped, figured out the areas of improvement, and is also putting in extra work in off-season reps. Thus, GM firmly believes that the Yankees are poised to produce something extraordinary in 2024.

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