Marcus Stroman, Brian Cashman

Right-handed pitcher Marcus Stroman is officially a Yankee. The New York Yankees agreed to a two-year $37 million with the pitcher on Thursday, with an additional vesting option for 2026. The vesting option is accessible to Stroman, given he pitches 120 or more innings in the 2025 MLB season.

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees officially introduced Marcus Stroman via an introductory press conference on Friday. Interestingly, it was Yanks general manager Brian Cashman who initiated the proceedings. Moreover, the duo took the occasion to clear out past misunderstandings and opened up about how their professional relationship evolved over the years.


Brian Cashman Claims Beef With Marcus Stroman A Clear Case Of Misunderstanding

Marcus Stroman
The Mets’ Marcus Stroman, who hasn’t pitched this season due to a torn calf muscle, has decided opt out of the 2020 campaign due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus. (Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

A few years ago, pitcher Marcus Stroman publicly criticized New York Yankees pitching department after general manager Brian Cashman called him a less impactful pitcher. Since then, the duo were presumed to not be on good terms. However, the duo recently cleared out the difference in Stroman’s introductory press conference as a Yankee. As Cashman accompanied Marcus on the virtual interview, he reckoned having apologized to the pitcher back in 2019. Cashman said the media took his words out of context and made them sound the exact opposite of what he actually meant. Moreover, the general manager didn’t think the pitcher deserved the kind of backlash and dialed him up to apologize. Meanwhile, Stroman added that he felt the apology was not needed and the entire instance was blown out of proportion in the heat of the moment.

“We kind of laughed about that, but it was an important box for me to check regardless because he didn’t deserve how that was playing out in the press back then,” said Cashman. Meanwhile, Marcus Stroman believes the duo hashed out the differences after meeting in person earlier this month, and the water is under the bridge as the pitcher embarks on a new journey in pinstripes. Later in the press meet, Stroman expressed his excitement ahead of his debut in pinstripes. He intends to change fans’ perception towards him as he feels he has been misunderstood all his life. Moreover, Stroman thinks he is a part of the roster because the likes of Brian Cashman, Aaron Boone, and Aaron Judge see the true reflection of his personality. “Just [want] for people to understand the real me,” concluded Marcus Stroman.

Marcus Stroman Believes Him Being With Yankees Is A Match Made In Heaven

Cubs right-hander Marcus Stroman has put together seven quality starts in eight outings this season. File photo.Getty

Marcus Stroman spent his entire introductory press conference pronouncing his love for the New York Yankees franchise. The pitcher says he loves challenges, as in Yankee Stadium, one meets with intense challenges. Thus, he considers his association with the franchise as a match made in heaven.

Besides, Stroman revealed that he reached out to Aaron Judge, Gerrit Cole, Anthony Volpe, and Anthony Rizzo before signing a deal with the Yankees. He wanted to leave a good first impression before officiating a deal. Overall, Stroman has faith that he will succeed in the Bronx as he has never been a person who shies away from the limelight because the pressure brings out the best in him.

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