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REPORTS: Yankees Eventually Signing Blake Snell For A 3 Year-Deal Worth $120 Million?

The New York Yankees sealed its five-man rotation for the upcoming season after signing Marcus Stroman in a two-year $37 million deal. However, the hunt for another reinforcement is still on. Apparently, the front office has set eyes on defending NL-Cy Young pitcher Blake Snell.

Blake Snell, a two-time Cy Young award-winning pitcher, entered free agency this off-season. However, his market has remained stagnant for the longest time due to the pitcher’s ambitious demands. While the New York Yankees expressed active interest, the pursuit hangs in the balance. It’s a battle between Yanks’ spending power and Snell’s ego as an acclaimed pitcher in the league.


Yankees Or Blake Snell? Who Will Blink First In High-Stake Pursuit!

The Yankees should make a strong run for Blake Snell, The Post’s Jon Heyman writes. The Yankees should make a strong run for Blake Snell, The Post’s Jon Heyman writes. USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con

Before pivoting to Marcus Stroman, the New York Yankees tried to pursue defending NL CY Young pitcher Blake Snell. Apparently, Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole put in strong recommendations for Snell, which encouraged the front office to take the plunge. However, in a fit to prove his worth, Snell rejected the Yanks’ six-year $150 million offer. Apparently, he asked for a massive nine-year $270 million deal, which was deemed a ridiculous ask by the Bronx Bombers leadership. Since then, the free-agent pitcher’s market has been inactive. As per multiple insiders, NYY has been the only team to have made an actual offer to Blake Snell this off-season. However, despite a lack of suitors, the pitcher refuses to budge on his ambitious demand.

So what next for Blake Snell? The pitcher is currently banking on his past records and durability. As a matter of fact, Snell has not had a Tommy John surgery in his MLB career. Not only that, but the pitcher has two Cy Young trophies in his cabinet and several other record outings. However, the 31-year-old’s inconsistency and risk of regression are points of concern for the New York Yankees. They already have an aging pitcher in Gerrit Cole. While pairing up Snell and Cole in a palpable scenario, the financial implications are too steep. Thus, unless and until Snell lowers his ask, the Bombers are highly unlikely to pursue the pitcher. With only two weeks to go for spring training, the Bombers are happy with what they have at their helm. And taking a risk at this stage is not an ideal option.

Yankee Fans Troll Blake Snell For His Ridiculous Price Tag!

Blake Snell Padres
Blake Snell Padres Source: CBS Sports

This off-season, Blake Snell caused a stir with his ridiculous asking price. As per Bob Nightengale of USA Today, the pitcher sought a nine-year $270 million contract from the New York Yankees. Meanwhile, the Bombers initially tendered a six-year $150 million. Needless to say, the high price tag sent the Yankee fanbase into a frenzy.

Yankee fans on the internet trolled Blake Snell for his extremely high price tag and referred to it as a joke. However, being a Scott Boras client, Snell was expected to play the chasing game. But the only issue is that the pitcher has only the Yanks chasing him at the moment. If this trend continues, Snell could end up with without a contract his off-season.

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