Mercedes Set To Bring Upgrades At The British Grand Prix! Nico Rosberg Downplays The Silver Arrows\’ Chances In Silverstone


Mercedes have been occupied with some frustrating problem with their newly designed W13 this season. And this allowed Red Bull and Ferrari to dominate at the front in 2022. Red Bull has won seven races, and Ferrari has won two of the nine races so far. Meanwhile, the Silver Arrows have failed to win a single race in the championship. The two Mercedes drivers have secured just five podiums in the entire season. Lewis Hamilton clinched his second podium of the season in Montreal after struggling at the start of the season. While Mercedes had found a way to deal with the porpoising, they were still surrounded by the bouncing issues and lack of pace. And this is restricting them from competing for the win.

The seven-time world champ even regarded his W13 as undrivable during the experimental Friday in Montreal as Lewis Hamilton failed to finish his long run. However, things went well for the Mercedes driver on Saturday as he qualified fourth and finished third on Sunday at Montreal. Meanwhile, George Russell finished fourth on the grid to get Mercedes their second consecutive third and fourth-place finish. Thus, it seems like things are slowly turning the Mercedes way. Now, they are looking to get back in the championship with a win at Silverstone.


Recently, Mercedes\’ technical director Mike Elliot revealed in the post-race debrief video that the team is planning to bring some crucial upgrades during the upcoming weekend in Silverstone. Thus, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell would be receiving some upgrades during the race on their home circuit. Elliot said that the Silver Arrows would be bringing new bits in Silverstone as they try to push the card forward and find some much-needed pace.

Mercedes Ready For An Upgrade At British GP

Mike Elliot shared that the Silver Arrows will try to find some pace from the package. They also have some new bits they would be adding to the package for Silverstone. The British F1 aerodynamicist also admitted that his team needs to stay realistic about the fact that they are just a bit behind the frontrunner, Red Bull and Ferrari. Thus, Mike felt that it would be tough for the Silver Arrows to compete with their rivals in a normal and more conventional race.

Mike Elliot

The German racing team\’s last upgrade came during the Spanish Grand Prix, which has by far been their best race of the season in terms of bouncing and pace. However, the last three races on the bumpy street circuits of Monaco, Baku, and Montreal have been rough for the Silver Arrows. The two Mercedes drivers had to bear the worst effects of a different bouncing which left them in extreme pain. 

But, Mercedes would hope things would get better for them on a more conventional circuit in Silverstone, where the team has enjoyed great success. Elliot thought that Silverstone would be a circuit that would suit his team a little better, just like Barcelona. However, the British engineer feels that Silverstone could turn out to be a little bit difficult. Mike assured that Mercedes and its drivers would be pushing as hard as possible to get back into winning ways.

Rosberg & Hamilton

Nico Rosberg Says Mercedes Are Far From Beating Red Bull & Ferrari

Former Mercedes driver and F1 world champ Nico Rosberg predicted that there is no way the Silver Arrows could compete with the frontrunners at the British GP. Meanwhile, Verstappen would look to clinch his seventh win of the season, extending his 46-point lead further. Rosberg denied that Mercedes could not win in Silverstone. The former German-Finnish driver added, \”They are still too far away from the performance of Ferrari and Red Bull. They\’re still miles away.\”

However, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff hopes that his team can turn around the season on Hamilton\’s home turf. Wolff stated that Silverstone had been good for his team in the past. The circuit is much smoother than the last three street circuits. However, the team principal also pointed out that it was not like Barcelona. The former Austrian driver felt that his team needed to manage their expectations and just grind away. The Mercedes boss hoped to come up with some sensible solutions by looking at the data. Toto concluded, \”Not only for Silverstone but going forward as well.\”

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