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Max Verstappen Stepping Into These EXCLUSIVE Record Clubs Following His Third 2023 F1 Championship Win

Looks like Max Verstappen is just embarking on the journey to the legendary GOAT position, day by day. In 2021 his journey began, and it is continuing at the same excellent pace. He is the reigning champion and the only certain winning driver for 2022 and also for 2023. It is undoubtedly him who is the top contender for the title. If Sergio Perez and Alonso Fernando, or safe to say, the Ferrari drivers’ do not disturb him, the Dutchman has the potential t become the F1 World Champion for the third time back-to-back. And if that happens, then he will enter into three dream lists.

First of all, the fact that Max Verstappen will become a three consecutive world champion, which in every universe must be a big deal. Second, being satisfied with the two titles he already has, makes him a part of the 16 champion F1 driver’s club. And lastly, he is just 25 years old! Max will still have plenty of time to do what Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher, and other F1 legends did. So, not a problem if he fails to be part of the legendary group.


Max Verstappen May Become The Second Sebastian Vettel Of Red Bull

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Max Verstappen At Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Now let’s analyze what the three exclusive tags Max Verstappen will be getting if he wins the 2023 F1 championship. There have only been ten drivers in Formula one to win more than three titles out of the 16 who have won two championships. Max will become the 11th driver to win a third championship in the entire history of Formula One motorsports. And he will shine in the list because all three will be won consecutively, adding more value to it.

The drivers who have won in a row include the first seven-time world champion, Michael Schumacher. He was the winner of the 2000 to 2004 F1 campaigns, continuously becoming the fifth and the first to win so champion.
Lewis Hamilton comes second in the list, winning four titles in a row from 2017 to 2020. Hamilton won two in a row, like Max Verstappen in 2014 and 2015. Speaking of the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, he remained the third driver to win four Formula One crown from the year 2010 to 2013.

Hope For The Curse To Not Touch The Red Bull Driver

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Max Verstappen Sebastian Vettel

With this, a question comes, will Max Verstappen become the second Vettel in Red Bull? He indeed can. But for this, he will have to win three titles consecutively. And if Max succeeds in winning the 2024 Championship, Red Bull will have the courtesy to develop two Vettels in their history.

Now that Max Verstappen has already started the season victoriously, expectations from the two-time world champion have been raised even higher. But, you may have heard of a curse that remains famous in the market that the driver who wins the first races of the season ends up losing the world championship. This happened with Sebastian Vettel in 2019, happened with Hamilton in 2021, and Charles Leclerc in 2022. Let’s pray this won’t happen with Max Verstappen; otherwise, he will lose those three great tags mentioned above.