In 2022, the tables have turned drastically at the Formula One Championship. Red Bull took over the game from the start and consistently maintained top tack in most of the races. And Mercedes, who were the champions for many seasons, fell back behind Mercedes to become only the third best in the contest.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen showed his skills to win 11 out of the total 16 races so far. He now has a drastic 116 points lead over Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, who is standing at the second position in the driver’s standings. And to the fans, it is almost evident that Max Verstappen will once again sweep the Championship title. However, he is in line to achieve another feat that former world champions Sebastian Vettel & Lewis Hamilton couldn’t get hold of. But what is that? Keep reading to find out.

Max Verstappen To Equalise Michael Schumacher’s Record

In the upcoming race at Singapore GP, results will come out almost crystal clear, even before the final race at Abu Dhabi GP. Apparently, MAX VERSTAPPEN can win the Formula One title at the Singapore Grand Prix. With his twelfth win of the year at Marina Bay Street Circuit, Verstappen will attain enough points to make him this year’s Formula One Champion. Moreover, he will take over former world champion Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel with this victory. Verstappen will equalize Michael Schumacher’s record of proclaiming the victory with five races to go in the championship.

Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen

Hamilton is in line with three races, while Vettel holds the record for four races before clinching the F1 championship title. However, Max Verstappen will bypass both of the experienced drivers to achieve such a big feat at a very small age. The Red Bull driver has won all the last five races of the season. And this has put a pause on Charles Leclerc’s chase for the title contention.

Initially, the battle was going on neck-to-neck between both the lead drivers of Red Bull and Ferrari. However, Max Verstappen achieved victories one after the other. And as a result, he widened the gap between the top track drivers of the 2022 season. Now, Verstappen could win the title in the next race in Singapore. He would achieve the crown in five races before the season officially comes to an end in Abu Dhabi in November. However, to achieve this record, Max Verstappen has to Leclerc by 22 points. His team-mate Sergio Perez by 13 and Mercedes’ George Russell by 6.

Verstappen & Leclerc F1
Verstappen & Leclerc

Moreover, the Red Bull driver will hold one more record by winning another two races this year. He will become the Formula One driver with the most victories in a single season. The record currently stands under the name of Michael Schumacher (2004) & Sebastian Vettel (2013), who have won 13 races each season. And apparently, with the high-performance mode of the Dutchman, Verstappen would definitely achieve both of the records in the upcoming two races.