The Portuguese football legend Cristiano Ronaldo has not been going through the best of times, on and off the field. As a result, he has been under a lot of fire for his performance and his recent attitude towards Manchester United. Recently, former United legend Paul Ince has also thrown some slack towards the striker. He slammed Ronaldo for his attitude towards the team. 

What Did Paul Ince Say About Cristiano Ronaldo?

Former ManU player Paul Ince recently had a conversation with the BoyleSports Premier League. During his discussion, he talked about various subjects, including the ongoing debate about whether Cristiano Ronaldo deserves a place in the Manchester United setup. In the conversation, Ince stated, Ronaldo has to leave Man United. If he was in the United dressing room when I was playing with the likes of Roy Keane and Steve Bruce. We wouldn’t be putting up with him and he wouldn’t be getting away with anything.”

The former United midfielder believes Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn’t have gotten away with it if he had behaved in this manner when he and Roy Keane shared the locker room. Paul Ince claims that in Ronaldo’s prime, Man Utd’s leaders would not have tolerated his reckless behavior. Ince thinks Ronaldo’s recent antics have diverted attention away from the rest of the United team. He further asserted that such behavior would not have been tolerated by his former United teammates.

Meanwhile, Paul also believes that it was important for ManU to leave Ronaldo out of the playing 11 in their game against FC Liverpool. He feels that it sent a message to people that there can be business as usual at Manchester United without Ronaldo. Ince also discussed that Ronaldo’s behavior on the team had been a source of distractions for other players as well. He compared Ronaldo with his arch-rival, saying that one would never see Lionel Messi behaving in this sort of manner. It is noteworthy that this is not the first time when Paul Ince has expressed his ‘unkind’ words towards Ronaldo. In February 2022, he also said that Cristiano Ronaldo is a ‘selfish’ player.

What’s Next For Ronaldo Now?

Early in the summer, Ronaldo requested to leave Old Trafford. He was not included in the team that defeated Liverpool on Monday. He recently disclosed that he would shortly provide his perspective in an interview. Cristiano Ronaldo is desperately looking for a new club that will allow him to play in the Champions League this season, but he hasn’t found any takers yet.

The addition of one world-class player won’t be enough to cure United’s problems. Despite the fact that the Brazilian midfielder Casimero’s move from Real Madrid will be a welcome improvement. Currently dead last in the Premier League standings, the club’s supporters are openly uprising against the players and owners. Since Cristiano Ronaldo made it plain that he wanted to leave, his future has taken center stage in the news.

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