LeBron James calls out \”Racist As F***\” Boston Fans! Matteo Berrettini Apologizes To The King After A \”Offending\” Post

LeBron James Lakers

Racism is one of the biggest issues that athletes have openly called out in the modern era. Many sports veterans have taken stands against racist practices, with sporting teams and leagues also playing their part. The NBA has been one such platform leading the way to break racist practices. LeBron James and many other players over the decades have fought their way to get equal opportunities in the league. However, they are often attacked and condoned by racist personalities everywhere they go.

However, James has always stood strong and showed everyone his capabilities despite the negative buzz around him. The four-time NBA champion recently revealed to the city that he does not enjoy traveling to for their away NBA games. In the recent episode of The Shop, Paul Rivera asked LeBron James why he hates Boston so much. The Lakers superstar quickly responded, \”Cuz they are racist as f***.\”

James Talks About The Racist Experience In Boston

James continued that the Boston crowd says anything, and it was the kind of thing he has been dealing with all his life. The 18-time All-Star shared that beer was thrown at him while leaving a game in Boston. The Boston fans often showed up with \”F*** LBJ shirts\” to the games. However, Lebron James has not been the only athlete who has complained about the disrespectful behavior of the fans in Boston.

Torri Hunter disclosed in 2020 that he had been called the N-word about a hundred times in Boston. Hence, he had no interest in a trade clause with the Celtics. Last year, Kyrie Irving said he also received racism from the Celtics\’ fans. The nets guard claimed that many players could attest to the racist behavior of the Boston crowd. 

Matteo Berrettini

Meanwhile, while James has condemned the Boston crowd, he and his partners bought a stake in Fenway Sports Group which owns the Boston Red Sox and its stadium Fenway Park. LeBron exchanged his 2% stake in Liverpool FC for a 1% stake in the Fenway group.

Matteo Berrettini Apologizes To LeBron After Using A Gorrila Emoji In Instagram Story

Elsewhere, the ATP world no. 15 reposted a recent photo of LeBron James on his Instagram story. James was wearing a pro-am Drew League jersey, marking his return to the league after eleven years. Matteo Berrettini put up a gorilla emoji with a crown in his story, resulting in widespread anger among LBJ fans. 


The Italian tennis star finally deleted the story after a few hours. Later, he issued an apology claiming that he was unaware of the offensiveness of the gorilla emoji. He apologized for the story and deleted the story after being informed that it could be misinterpreted. Berrettini added, \”LeBron is my biggest idol. Incredible model and inspiration.\”

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