LeBron James\’ Biopic Based On The King\’s Origin Story Will Arrive On Peacock In 2022!

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Peacock has recently announced the arrival of LeBron James\’ biopic in 2023. The movie titled Shooting Star will depict James\’ high school days in Akron. The film is set in 2003 and follows the journey of LeBron and the Fab 5 as they overcome personal problems while working hard to break into the NBA and win a championship title. Originally announced in 2018, Shooting Stars is based on the 2009 book of the same name, co-written by James and Buzz Bissinger.

Peacock revealed that the movie would release next year along with the reimagination of John Woo\’s \”The Killer\” and Will Packer\’s \”Praise This.\” Further, the film would be directed by Chris Robinson, who previously worked on Netflix\’s Beats. Moreover, the film is co-produced by Academy Award nominees like Rachel Winter and Terence Winter, partnering with the SpringHill Company. LeBron owns the company James which will produce the biopic with a budget of around $25 million. 

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Filming For Shooting Stars Began In Cleveland Heights

The biopic is aimed to differentiate from the documentary \”More than a game.\” Moreover, the filming for Shooting Stars has already begun in Northeast Ohio. The St. Paul\’s Episcopal Church on Fairmount Boulevard would be portrayed as St. Vincent-St. Mary, Akron\’s native high school. 

Meanwhile, the Greater Cleveland Commission president, Bill Garvey, said that the filming crew was trying to recreate Akron. The crew will also travel to Akron to shoot some parts, while other portions will be filmed in Cleveland. Moreover, the match scenes would be filmed at the AAU circuit.

Fab 5

Will LeBron\’s Son Portray His father In Shooting Stars?

Garney was asked if James\’ son would portray him in the upcoming movie. The president replied that another actor would play King James

during his formative years. Moreover, the production is currently organizing a casting call. Hence, the cast members are yet to be revealed by the team. While the exact release date is yet to be revealed, Shooting Stars is confirmed to arrive sometime in 2023.

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