Andrew Tate has landed himself in another controversy after firing shots against seven-time world champ Lewis Hamilton and calling him ‘p***y’ on social media. The four-time world kickboxing champ is known for making hateful and disrespectful comments. He was recently banned for sharing misogynic videos on Twitter. Following his ban from Twitter, Meta and TikTok have also banned Andrew from their social media platforms. 

The pro kickboxer and his brother, Tristan, disrespected Lewis Hamilton on social media platforms. Tristan wrote, “No, watch out for a sec. But if Lewis Hamilton, yeah, got out of his car, and like I had to fight him for his car, f*****g he’s like this tall.” He made a gesture suggesting Hamilton was quite small. Andrew was quick to respond to his brother’s post and wrote ‘p***y, p***y.” The comments from the two brothers stirred the F1 fraternity. Fans openly criticized Andrew on social media. However, it was not the first time Tate landed himself in a controversy for making disrespectful statements or gestures. 

Andrew & Tristan

The former kickboxer received a great deal of social media attention after getting thrown out of the reality show Big Brother. He was evicted after a video of him attacking a woman became viral on the web. After his controversial rise to internet fame, Tate has been questioned several times for sharing controversial views on feminism, patriarchy, misogyny, and sexism. Thus, after Twitter banned Andrew Tate, Meta and TikTok have also decided to do the same.

Lewis Hamilton Fans Celebrate Andrew Tate’s Ban

As stated by Meta, the company removed the former American kickboxer from Instagram and Facebook for violating its policies regarding dangerous organizations and individuals. However, they did not provide any specific reason behind the ban. Meanwhile, TikTok also gave out an official statement. A company spokesperson said, “Misogyny is a hateful ideology that is not tolerated in TikTok.” The representative suggested the platform has been removing violative videos and accounts for weeks. The company also welcomed the effort made by other platforms to take tough measures against such individuals and organizations.

However, Lewis Hamilton fans interpreted a completely different context behind Andrew Tate’s ban. One of the fans claimed that ‘every tongue that rises against Lewis Hamilton shall fall. Another user wrote that the platforms let off Tate for making misogynist and abusive comments. However, when one of the Meta interns saw comments against Lewis Hamilton, Tate was immediately banned. The comments made by Andrew and his brother were quite offensive and clearly targeted Lewis Hamilton. The Briton is a superstar who has fought for diversity all his life. And anything wrong against him is highly intolerable, which the recent turn of events has suggested quite well.