Kamaru Usman Wife

Kamaru Usman is a Nigerian-American mixed martial art professional. He is currently the Welterweight Champ at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Kamaru Usman is reportedly married to his long-time girlfriend, Eleslie Dietzsch. Usman also has a seven-year daughter with Eleslie named Samirah, who is half-Nigerian and half-Latin. However, it appears that Kamaru and Eleslie have a weird arrangement for social media as they never post photos with each other. Usman shares a lot of pictures with their daughter but hardly with his wife Eleslie. Hence, not much has been known about the mysterious woman in Kamaru\’s life. 

Who is Kamaru Usman\’s Wife, Eleslie Dietzsch?

Eleslie is a 36-year-old Brazilian Portuguese who was born on November 22, 1986. She is married to Kamaru Usman and has provided him firm support in his boxing journey. Kamaru announced Eleslie as his girlfriend back in 2016. The couple is believed to have been married secretly. However, Eleslie seems to be a woman who loves privacy. Usman and Eleslie hardly have any photos together on social media. Leslie has a private profile on Instagram with just over 1000 followers. She has a sunny username @elesliedosentgiveaduck


The duo had decided to keep their relationship private from the beginning. Leslie has always tried to support her talented husband and has been present during his crucial fights. She was also present at UFC 261 and cheered Usman, who defended his welterweight championship for the fifth time in a row. Kamaru went up against Jorge Masvidal in the main event of UFC 261. He put an end to the fierce rivalry going on for months by knocking Jorge out. 

Eleslie\’s Personal Life:

Eleslie is not a famous personality, unlike other celebrities\’ wives. Other than Usman and Samirah, her family comprises her mother Eunice and her loving dad. Eleslie is believed to have two sisters. It is the mysterious nature of ELslie which makes her so attractive. Elsie has also been seen on little Samirah\’s Instagram in a Christmas picture.

Kamaru Usman will have his first fight of 2022 against Dmitry Bivol in May. He also plans to shock the world by making a crossover to boxing and competing with the undisputed super-middleweight champ Canelo Alvarez. 

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